Protosenya Sergey Valerievich

Sergei Protosenya was born in 1966.
In 1991 he graduated from   Kuibyshev civil engineers' training school in Moscow, having acquired a profession of engineer and economist
In 1995-1997 he was  deputy director of Nova corporation.
In 1997- 2001 he was CFO of  Tarkosaleneftegaz oil company.
In 2001- 2002 he managed accountant department of  Pour-Land public corporation.
 In 2002 he became chief accountant of   Novatek public corporation.
In 2011 Protosenya's wealth was estimated at   440 million dollars.
Sources: Ruspres

In April 2009  Protosenya and some other top managers of Novotek   purchased company's shares.  Their stakes, however, were not big enough to influence strategy of the company.   Protosenya  purchased 0.0864% of shares, but it sufficed   to increase his wealth. In 2009-2010 he went up  from 160 to 370 million dollars. It was a great breakthrough after the crisis  when Protosenya's  $ 1.97 billion capital was  considerably reduced. In 2008-2009 other top managers of the company  lost significant amounts of money, too.

Their synchronized losses and profits indicate that there is  an  interest group among managers of the company.
Sources: Finance, 15 February 2010

In March 2011  Novotek  was getting bigger and bigger profits, as it was believed,  owing  to one of the major shareholders Gennady Timchenko, "a friend of Vladimir Putin". Management system of the company grew  complicated and needed restructuring. Company's managing director removed many managers from the board,  including Protosenya. Despite still being a chief accountant, he nevertheless lost  his seat on the board of  Novotek.
Source: Moskovskie novosti, 21 April 2011