Mikhail Mishustin is in a bad campaign
05.03.2018 23:39

On March 27, a verdict will be announced against "a thief-in-law" Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro young) and "authority" Andrei Kochuykov (Italian). They are accused of extortion from the owner of the Elements restaurant Jeanne Kim. The Italian and Shakro, as well as his wealthy acquaintances, were the first to fall for this crime, they began to fold to release Kochuykov. Negotiations on bribery were conducted with the head of the SS of the Criminal Code for the Central District Aleksey Kramarenko, the head of the CSD of Moscow for Moscow Alexander Drymanov, the main "security guard" of the TFR, Mikhail Maksimenko (the court is on it). Kramarenko and Maksimenko are now in jail, for Drumanov, his boss and close friend of the head of the CIA Alexander Bastrykin are actively fighting. He refuses to initiate proceedings against the head of the CSG in Moscow.

In this story, it's not corruption of the highest level that is of interest to anyone-to whom she is surprised-but the fact that the FSB has recorded all steps to buy out the Italian. The organizer of this process was a mega-riddler Dmitry Smychkovsky, whose close environment, according to rutelegraf.com, turned out to be a lot of interesting people. For example, the head of the Federal Tax Service Mikhail Mishustin.

It was quite easy to track the process of collecting bribes for Kochuykov's freedom. The FSB of the Russian Federation installed bugs in the kitchen of Maksimenko, where he conducted all negotiations on this topic. And, being usually in a drunken state. Therefore, I was not particularly shy about the expressions. Here are excerpts of one such conversation with Deputy Alexander Lamonov:

"I'm talking to Dima:" Dima ... I'm screaming what he gave. Generally ... brush your teeth ... drink coffee. " No problem, nothing in the mind was not. Type it. Well, as if someone is treating someone. Someone said to someone: "Here, type, here ..." He has a network of some establishments of Japanese or Chinese there, dick knows. What, like, the Italians will be released ... just not exactly. Shakro ... in general ... Well, it's like ... I can tell you what, I can be wrong now, now they will, in theory, merge, so that in equal situations ... I think so. Because when ... "


But the continuation of this topic already in a conversation with Smychkovsky ("He", which "screamed" is the deputy Andrei Skoch):


"Yes, this is the first time such a thing. He did not even want to meet with Borisenko. Borisenko went to see him, and he started shouting at Borisenko: "What ... did my name come out there in the first place?" Borisenko says: "What are you? You told me to go to Dima. I went and told him that you asked me. And I tell him what? Where do I know your Andrey from? "And he:" On ... in general appeal by my name, where an individual is engaged in this with us. No need to wet anything. Everything, we are here separately, but Zakhar is separately. " Borisenko says: "Wait, you're at first ... We met with you, decided that I went to a man, talked about what he would do, and now you start like this ..." And he: "Well, we, like, in two ways we do not want to pay, but now it will work out - we will pay here, and then Shakro will tell us later, he will issue an invoice. " I say: "Yes, he paid his money." Borisenko says: "He does not want to receive you." Then he says: "Everything, I'm leaving now, let then, who is there the main one, let him meet with this, with my Leo. Also will explain, that there as as there further ".

Now rutelegraf.com will explain the reader about what and about whom actually there was a speech during this conversation. Italian personality is interesting and has a mass of acquaintances. Therefore, when the grief happened and he was arrested, many wanted to help the Italian. Firstly, it's Zakhar Kalashov himself. Secondly, these are his friends of the early 1990s in the Solntsevo group. All of them became millionaires and billionaires and only the Italian continued to earn his living on "shooters" and "disassemblies". All these friends compactly fit among the owners of the chain of restaurants "Yakitoria": Oleg Sheykhametov, Lev Kvitnoy and State Duma deputy Andrei Skoch.

Together, both Shakro and Yakitori were ready to allocate $ 5 million for the liberation of Kochuykova. Later, several intermediaries-shredders were involved in the process, whose tasks included determining whom and how much to give. Among them, the most prominent were the former adviser to the chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Igor Borisenko and Dmitry Smychkovsky.

Here are the details of communication with Skoch (the main potential financial donor for the liberation of the Italian) and discussed in the kitchen Maksimenko.Fixing these entertaining conversations, the FSB officers closely took in the development of all the "lit" people in them. About Borisenko rutelegraf.com in detail will inform somehow then. While a little touch Smychkovsky. He is considered a man for whom nothing is impossible in the Kuban. There any offices are open for Dmitry, he can solve problems of any complexity. But for a long time Smychkovsky has been working at the federal level, to which he "went" with the help of high-ranking natives from the Krasnodar Territory. In particular, the testimony of witnesses refers to his friend, the deputy head of the CSG of the Russian Federation for Moscow, Sergei Sinyagovsky (the son of the former mayor of Novorossiysk, and now the State Duma deputy Vladimir Sinyagovsky), who in turn came to the capital together with another natives of the Kuban - Vadim Yakovenko, SK in Moscow until February 2015. From the case it follows that Smychkovsky was friends with Maksimenko, Drymanov and a number of representatives of the TFR.

While developing Maksimenko, FSB officers put Dmitri's phones in for an audition, followed by surveillance. And in the dossier of counterintelligence agents on Smychkovsky, the number of his new high-ranking acquaintances increased. Sources rutelegraf.com in special services told that close contacts were registered with Dmitry Mosoblsud chairman Vasily Voloshin and head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia Mikhail Mushistin. Later, during the investigation, these two persons, as friends of Smychkovsky, were also called the defendants of the case.

With Voloshin everything is clear. He came from the Kuban, was the chairman of the Central District Court of the city of Sochi, Krasnodar Territory.

With Mishustin, according to rutelegraf.com, Smychkovsky met on a longer journey. Dmitry, in addition to solving issues for millions of dollars, is also involved in the construction business. In particular, he is the owner of a number of companies that build and own shopping centers. Absolutely similar business deals with Alexander Udodov - the closest friend, "purse" and "right hand" of Mikhail Mishustin. For Udodov, the construction business is also incidental, and the main one is to "solve" various problems of businessmen, primarily with the Federal Tax Service. Therefore it is not surprising that the paths of Dmitry and Alexander crossed, and then led to Mishustin.


Timofei Kurnosov