“I was introduced as Sergey Prikhodko’s son-in-law”
04.11.2018 16:34

Former head of the GUEBiPK Ministry of the Interior Denis Sugrobov, who is serving a term in the IK 5 in Mordovia, cannot find a job. The colony for former police officers, prosecutors, lawyers and judges has a sewing, woodworking and sausage shop, but there is not enough work for everyone. Snowdrifts is serving a huge period of 12 years, and opinions about his personality vary greatly. Someone believes that Denis really fought against corruption, and suffered in the "war of the special services." Someone believes that Sugrobov himself was a complete corrupt official. rutelegraf.com talked to a man who had been intimately acquainted since 2000 and Denis’s career was rapidly developing in his eyes. We will give it told "without cuts", and the reader let him draw conclusions.

“My acquaintance with Sugrobov took place in 2000 in the ATC of the CAO of Moscow, where Sugrobov worked in the department for combating economic crimes of the OBOP ATC of the CAO of Moscow. And I got to serve in the DAEC ATC CAO. I immediately faced protection and opposition to the OBOP structure in the detection of crimes related to the smuggling of goods. Practically every departure of the department staff was accompanied by a call from the OBOP structure and very often, DA Sugrobov himself. , on the basis of which my acquaintance with Sugrobov took place.

At that time, Alexander Sidorov also worked with Sugrobov (later Sugrobov attracted him to work at GUEB), Alexander Khazin (previously headed ORB BPA Russian Ministry of Interior Anti-Corruption, when he was Sugrobov ORB head in the same organization), Alexander Parfenov ( the former head of Sugrobova, later the deputy head of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the North-East Administrative District of Moscow), ”the source told rutelegraf.com.

“After a short amount of time, I transferred to the GUBEP Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Sugrobov to the Central Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Central Federal District, and temporarily parted ways; Head Vasilyev Yury Alexandrovich). Sugrobov then worked in the department for combating crimes in the field of finance. During the period of work in this subdivision, the relationship evolved more than well, we together participated in events, attended birthdays and holidays of mutual friends. Occasionally there were intersections for work, when our group had to conduct an inspection in banks under the control of Sugrobov (Master Bank and others). Sugrobov didn’t like it very much and he solved all these questions through the head, Yury Vasilyev. and gradually got angry at our group. In the department of Sugrobov, Kolesnikov BB was engaged in solving all financial problems. Sugrobov’s falsified all the existing operational cases, and after receiving the money from the inspected objects (banks and other financial structures), they did the following: they put the indictment of completely different people into the case, changed their name on the computer and handed over the case . To exclude the possibility of detecting forgery and falsification, they agreed with the archive about the immediate destruction of cases through the staff of the Glavka accounting group. (usually a shelf life of at least 5 years), ”recalls the source rutelegraf.com.

Subsequently, after the change of leadership of Glavka (Bastrykin was changed to Aulov), Aulov initiated an inspection of the entire bureau, on the results of which Sugrobov was asked to leave at his own request (directly by the deputy head of the GU Karyakin), as well as the other 12 bureau employees. However, having support in the Presidential Administration, Sugrobov transferred to the DEB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia as deputy head of the banking department, with the consent and support of A. Khorev. Subsequently, having become the head of the ORB 10, calling himself the son-in-law of presidential aide Prikhodko, he decided that he could be the head of the whole subdivision ie take the place of Horev A.V. ”

To be continued



Mark Goldman