Te Paul Vladimirovich


Was born May 20, 1963 in Tashkent. In 1985 he graduated from the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute named after Beruni in "Thermal power stations". After graduation he worked as a Heating energy engineer of "Uzbekgidroproekt".

At the beginning of 1990 he engaged in trading.

In 1994, he became a shareholder of "Capital Group" holding.

Since November 2010 - Deputy of Verkhnelandekhovsky District Council of the Ivanovo region.

In the ranking of Russian billionaires on the 2011 by the version of the "Finance" magazine the financial state of Paul Te was estimated at $ 220 million (6.7 billion rubles.).



Paul Te - is a co-owner of Capital Group, one of the list of the most stylish men of 2014 by the version of GQ, the husband of Olga Karput and father of two lovely daughters - Sonya and Sasha.

GQ, 2015



The fact that Paul Te is a "person of Sergei Tsoi», Sluh.biz said a source in the metropolitan real estate market. A senior official in the mayor’s office confirmed this information to the publication also.

"Pasha Te is one hundred percent man of Tsoi" - said the official.

Meanwhile, Te is one of the most closed Russian business people, unlike their partners in the Capital Group - Vladislav Doronin and Edward Berman.

The parent company, which controls the Capital Group, is C.I.T. Capital Investments Limited, opened in Cyprus. Owners of C.I.T. - are Vladislav Doronin, Edward Berman and Paul Te.

maxpark.com, 04.12.2009


In 2011, Federal Property Management Agency filed a lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration Court, demanding to demolish the part of a multifunctional complex "Yacht City", located on the Leningrad Highway. A defendant in a lawsuit is the investor-developer of the project - Company "Moscow-Wave Sport" (WPU). Earlier, CAO prefecture asked the court with the same question.

As the Federal Property Management Agency reported, in 2004, the WPU has started the construction of a complex of 60 thousand square meters, without necessary permits by the time. However, in 2006, the investor has achieved in the court the recognition of property rights to an unfinished object of unauthorized construction. October 19, 2011 the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal abolished the decision at the request of the Federal Property Agency. On this basis the Federal Property Management Agency believes that the object is an unlawfully erected on the federal land and the structure should be demolished.

Representatives of the developer of the complex - the company "Capital Group" - explained that the action concerns only the office part of the object, but they were not able to clarify its area. Meanwhile, violations of the facility revealed before. In 2004, it turned out that the developer is not approved by the state ecological expertise. In 2006, the arbitration ordered the "Capital Group" to suspend the construction and eliminate the found violations in 2005, but at the same time the developer was able to withdraw all claims to the project.

Evraz-News, 09.11.2011


In 2009 it turned out that the head of the press service of the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov and his personal press secretary Sergei Tsoi is also quite a successful businessman. Through Paul Te - one of the shareholders of construction holding company "Capital Group" - Tsoi owns a considerable share of this business.

This information was confirmed to the publication a senior official in the mayor's office. "Pasha Te is one hundred percent man of Tsoi", - he said.

Meanwhile, Te is one of the most closed Russian business people.

Officially, it is known that with Doronin and Berman Te started the business back in the 1990s. First, the deals in the newly created cooperative went wrong, but from the moment when Yuri Luzhkov got at the disposal the office on Tverskaya, 13, and Tsoi became an unofficial manager of apparatus of the mayor of the capital, success has fallen on the entrepreneurs in almost all of their endeavors.

Partners say that they are engaged in the construction since 1989, but the actual project portfolio has grown to respectable size of 7 million square meters only in the last three years. Basically it is a commercial real estate - offices, apartments and shopping centers. The company has also such global projects as the construction of all the iconic metro stations in Moscow peculiar hub, where it will be and hotel, and office and trade components.

One of the towers of "Capital City" in "Capital Group" acquired the subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia - LLC "Sberbank Capital". The transaction took the form of the purchase and sales of the areas (apartments) in the “City of Capitals". In addition, Sberbank has restructured the debt for 5 years of the developer in $ 400 million and signed a paper on co-investment in this difficult time of crisis to about $ 100 million in the completion of the towers. A source in the mayor's office is convinced that "the deal was not done without the administrative arm."

Alluding to the connection of Choi and Te they say that only in the promotion of the well-known singer and wife of Sergei Tsoi Anita Tsoi, was invested not less than $ 30 million in 2007-2009.

Gaydpark, 04.12. 2009


In 2010, "Capital Group", going to design the cathedral at his own expense in Ivanovo, had a debt to the value of the Sberbank of Russia at $ 132 million.

It is also known that a great friend and supporter of the governor of the Ivanovo a co-owner Pasha Te - is a frequent and welcome guest in Ivanovo. A "supervised" Pasha none other than the recently wounded in the stomach, but not finished off the famous kingpin Ded Hasan (Aslan Usoyan).

Also repeatedly visited here (not the thieves, but at the bosses!), now deceased "thief in law" Andrey Golubev named Skif and uncrowned crime boss Korsakov named Korsak. Releases of these contacts, of course, are not reported. They are written like this: "Today the governor of the Ivanovo Region Mikhail Men adopted the Board of Directors member of the "Capital Group" Paul Te, reports the press service of the regional government. During the meeting were discussed the company's intention to come to the construction market of the Ivanovo region ... Following the meeting, Mikhail Men said that the company's initiative to come to the market of the construction of the region will be supported by the regional government. Companies will be offered the possible sites for the construction, including the unfinished objects."

It is also known that the April 27, 2010 Ded Hassan was detained in Kiev trying to enter the territory of Ukraine on forged documents. And in Kiev, then he just had to settle deals - to "breed" and "lraskladyvat ramsy" (to solve the issues) of Pasha Te and "Capital Group", going to build six three-star hotels in the Ukrainian capital...

Word of truth №40 (694), 18.11.2010


In 2010 deputy of the regional Duma in Ivanov from the "United Russia" became Paul Te - the right hand of Ded Hasan.

garnizov.livejournal.com, 10.12.2010


After the acquisition of the independence by Georgia the owners of local quarries have changed many times. In 2007, the careers Kazreti was acquired by the Russian company "Industrial Investors". And "Capital Group" currently owns a stone quarry. To date, the soil contamination and water in Kazreti exceeds the permissible limits on average twenty times...

March 20, 2012 the Parliament amended the law on the protection of the environment, which completely eliminates the perpetrators from responsibility. And contract between the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia and the Russian company "Capital Group" was signed on May 15, 2012 - the owners of the company "Madneuli" and LLC "Quartzite". According to this document forgive entrepreneurs the harm, caused by them as to a nature and to the population of Bolnisi for 13 million GEL.

GeorgiaTimes, 20.08.2012


Moscow, 31 March. Russian Ministry of Natural Resources has asked the law enforcement agencies with the requirement to check the possible involvement of the co-owner of the Russian company "Capital Group" Paul Te to the illegal hunting on the snow leopard, which is listed in the Red Book, and to achieve the start of an international investigation, reports the Ministry's press service.

"The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation sent to the General Prosecutor's Office of Russia a photo, appeared on the Internet, on which depicted a hunter near immobilized snow leopard with traces of blood on the carcass and paws. A photograph to the head of the Ministry of Russia Sergey Donskoy sent through profile in the social network Facebook, one of his followers, "- said in a statement.

Baltinfo, 31.03.2015


On board we were met by the team of nine people: the captain, the boatswain, technician, two sailors, three flight attendants and an Australian chef, using gluten-free bread and desserts without sugar expanding the realm of health food of Olga Karput to the scale of the maritime empire. Paul Vladimirovich gives him a package with fresh celery and spinach: island - twice as thick and juicy then Moscow's. Soon they will be cold pressed, while the adults opened the first bottle of champagne, and the children go autonomous mode. Under the supervision of one of the sailors at their disposal there is a whole water park: a slide, on which you can move out to the sea on the fly bridge, raft, swimming pool, Sea bob and several watercraft. "Typically, there are six or seven kids on the boat - our plus the children of our friends, who joined us. They needed to entertain somehow, so they do not interfere with an adult - Karput apologizes.

... Numerous toys for children, however, pale against the backdrop of a fifty meters toy for adults, on which we stand. This model an Italian Shipyard Overmarine developed two years ago, providing it with engines Rolls-Royce (usually two, but "Pumpkin" has four of them), which allow you to do thirty-seven knots (almost eighty kilometers per hour) with the booting of three hundred tons. In the basic configuration the new Mangusta 165 worth thirty million euros. Why would it worth less when four luxurious cabins of five-star hotel rooms are different except that the Wi-Fi is caught perfectly and does not require additional payment?

TATLER, 26.12.2015


Now one of the main "protectors" of the capital business of Paul Te is considered to be the vice-mayor of Moscow for the construction Marat Khusnullin. Rumor has it that with the help of Husnullin Paul Te easily acquired the famous "house book", which is located at Novy Arbat, building 15. It is a 26-story high-rise, located in the territory of more than 28.9 thousand square meters.

Previously, the purchase of this "house-book" was filed only one application from the LLC "Group Apart", which, through the "Development Holding" is owned by Paul Te (90%) and Sergei Morozov (10%).

As a result, the only participant received an offer to conclude an agreement on the starting price, which was announced at the level of 2.4 billion rubles. Rumor has it that the city authorities deliberately "played along" to Mr. Te, and other potential buyers were not even admitted to the asset.

Moscvu-post.com, 20.04.2016