Bolloev Taimuraz Kazbekovich



He was born on February 28, 1953 in Haznidon, North Ossetia.

In 1980 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Technology of the Food Industry with the major «brewing technologies and productions».

Since 1981 till 1984 he worked at Stepan Razin plant of the brewing and nonalcoholic industry in Leningrad. Consistently occupied posts of the shift supervisor of a malting shop, mechanic, deputy shop director, director of the bottling shop.

1984-1987 — director of Vsevolozhsk industrial plant (Leningrad region).

1987-1991 — chief brewer of Stepan Razin plant

1991-2004 — manager, general director, then the president of "Baltika" plant (then OAO «Baltika Brewing Company»). For first eight years under his management the company increased beer volumes 18 times and brewed annually 492 million liters. In the time period since 1993 to 1998 capital investments in enterprise development made 222 million US dollars. In 1997 company got a controlling interest of «Don Beer» in Rostov-on-Don and directed 25 million US dollars for its modernization. In 1998 company was the largest taxpayer of St.-Petersburg.

Since 2000 — councilor on business at the Government of the Russian Federation.

Since 2002 — honorary consul of Brazil in St.-Petersburg.

Since March, 2005 — chairman of board of directors of ZAO «BTK Group» and ZAO «Clothes Factory of St.-Petersburg» (FOSP).

Since 2009 — the first vice-president of "SC Olimpstroy". Managed the project and its realization including building coordination, relations investors, attraction of new participants.

Since June 6, 2009 — president of «SC Olimpstroy».

Since August 11, 2009 — councilor at the President of the Russian Federation on development of physical training, sport of records, preparation and carrying out of XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games in 2014 in Sochi, XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan

He was an authorized representative of Vladimir Putin in presidential elections of the Russian Federation in 2000 and 2004.



Taimuraz Bolloev has always been a very interesting personality for mass-media and always cared about publications to be positive for his image. The first mentioning in a press in connection with the informal party of financing the election campaign of the former governor of Petersburg Vladimir Yakovlev at that time was an exception of this rule.

Journalists disposed of a confidential document about preparation of the early election in St.-Petersburg. According to journalists, memo was addressed to Vladimir Yakovlev. In particular the following phrase from the document was mentioned: «Under available data, Malyshev V.I. (Valery Malyshev, former vice-governor of Petersburg) together with the director of brewery "Baltika" Bolloev discussed a possibility to return the money resources urgently spent for road repairing and construction of the overpass in industrial zone "Parnas" for election campaign...". Also chairman of the board of directors of "ICB" Vladimir Kogan worked rather actively in this direction.
Vesti.Ru, 20.10.99


Another extremely unpleasant mention about Bolloev was contained in numerous publications of that time connected with murder of the general director assistant of "Baltika" Ilya Vaisman. Vaisman was killed with sub machine gun while he came to a window in the kitchen of his apartment. The similar way in 1997 Ilya Vaisman’s nephew (who studied at the Jewish university of Petersburg; its main sponsor was "Baltika") was killed with sub machine gun in his apartment.

Vaisman held a post of the financial director of OAO "Baltika" and was the second person at the enterprise after general director Taimuraz Bolloev. He supervised all financial and investment projects of the company. in April, 1998 "Baltika"received a credit in amount of $40 million from the European Reconstruction and Development Bank; that was his personal merit. Vaisman was well-known in financial environment of Petersburg, however he was characterized differently. many needed him as he was the main financier of the "rich" enterprise, and often appeared in an image of enough haughty official. However, constant partners of beer factory say that when the conversation topic was really important for "Baltika" Vaisman became unusually active and enterprising literally.

According to some information, Vaisman was going to sell his part of shares to the brewing company. Because of his death the sale question under the law was postponed for six months and then passed under his inheritors’ control. However it was not clear how shares of "Baltika" could become the reason of any conflict.

Journalists failed to receive official comments of "Baltika" in connection with this tragedy. According to “Commersant” newspaper, Taimuraz Bolloev flies into a rage for any request to comment on something for the press. However in unofficial discussions he expressed in a way that the murder of Vaisman could be a reaction to active promotion of the enterprise in other regions "where it is not common practice of work".

This murder case has not been solved so far.
Newspaper "Commersant" № 2 (1887), 1/14/2000


In 2000 journalists noticed familiarity of Bolloev to Vladimir Putin for the first time. It occurred in connection with celebrating of the first Putin’s birthday as the Russian president. Bolloev’s name was in a rather short guest list then. Moreover, he was a host there and presented a firm keg of "Baltika" beer to Vladimir Putin.
Newspaper "Commersant" № 189 (2074), 10/10/2000


It was fashionable to publish birthday congratulations of the high-ranking officials and businessmen in the beginning of 2000's. In this connection it is interesting to study those whom Bolloev congratulated on birthday on "Commersant" pages. Those were people on whom Bolloev's achievements depended at that time: Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation Herman Gref, Head of the Presidential Property Management Department of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kozhin, Vice-president of the Government of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko, Deputy Minister of Taxation of the Russian Federation Victor Zubkov, Chairman of the Federation Council Sergey Mironov.
Newspaper "Commersant" № 22 (2152), 2/8/2001; № 36 (2166), 2/28/2001; № 62 (2192), 4/7/2001; № 168 (2298), 9/15/2001; № 26 (2395), 2/14/2002мммм


It is interesting that the only person that congratulated Bolloev from the pages of "Commersant" was editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Neva time" Alla Manilova; she became subsequently the vice-governor of Petersburg, and a confident to Valentina Matvienko.
Newspaper "Commersant" № 36 (2166), 2/28/2001


The appointment of the vice-president on finance and economy of the brewing company "Baltika" Alexander Nikonov to the post of the chairman of Committee on finance of the Government of Petersburg - can be considered as the beginning of active “authority expanse” by Bolloev. In financial environment the appointment of Mr. Nikonov was explained as loyalty demonstration by the president of "Baltika" Taimuraz Bolloev during the per-election period to the new mayor. According to Commersant, Valentina Matvienko was proposed to appoint Mr.Nikonov to the post of the head of Committee on Finance by recently appointed vice-governor on economy and finance Mikhail Oseevsky who used to be the first vice-president of board of Petersburg Industrial Construction Bank before (its largest client is "Baltika")
Newspaper "Commersant" № 213 (2816), 11/21/2003


In 2004 journalists paid attention to relationship of Bolloev and the vice-premier of the government of Russia of that time, Minister of Agriculture Alexey Gordeev. During his visit to Petersburg Taimuraz Bolloev was noticed near to the vice-premier.
Newspaper "Commersant-SPb" № 27 (2866), 2/14/2004


In April, 2004 Taimuraz Bolloev appeared in the center of absolutely unexpected public scandal. The general partner of the championship of Russia in football brewing company "Baltika" invited journalists to the agency "Rosbalt" to present a new information portal and to make Internet conference with participation of CSKA and "Zenit" players and trainers meeting the day before in Moscow. However players and the head coach of "Zenith" did not arrive to the event.

Journalists immediately called to the general director of "Zenith" Ilya Cherkasov. He told exactly the following: "We have some misunderstanding with “Baltika” on economic issues, and that’s why we do not consider it necessary to promote its actions". It is necessary to remind that relations between "Baltika" and "Zenith" left much to be desired since in 1996 the brewing company headed by Taimuraz Bolloev refused to be the sponsor of the soccer team. One of the reasons of that quarrel was "Zenith" loss to Moscow "Spartak" (1:2) on "Petrovsky" stadium in last match of the Russian championship which didn’t allow to win first place to "Alanya" from Vladikavkaz (Taimuraz Bolloev was born in Ossetia). Further "Baltika" actively enough supported the Russian sports; however "Zenith" for all these years existed without its support.

According to another information source, the reason for the decision of the general director of "Zenit" could be refusal of "Baltika" to sign the contract with football club concerning beer sale at "Petrovsky" stadium.
Newspaper "Commersant-SPb" № 61 (2900), 4/6/2004


In the autumn of 2004 Bolloev appeared in the center of the international scandal. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Irakly Okruashvili declared that the president of brewing company "Baltika" bribed seriously the leader of separatists Eduard Kokoity to put aerials of the cellular company “Megafon”. Georgia estimated it as support of their military and political opponent and blocked beer deliveries to Transcaucasia. Losses of "Baltika" after the Russian-Georgian conflict already made $850 thousand, therefore the company applied to Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Russia and Georgia with the request to understand a situation.
Newspaper "Commersant-SPb" № 174 (3013), 9/18/2004

In December, 2004 Taimuraz Bolloev resigned from a post of the head of Brewing company "Baltika".
Newspaper "Commersant" № 237 (3076), 12/18/2004


Bolloev did not disclose the reasons of resignation, however, it became fast clear that they were related to the conflict between him and representatives of the owner of "Baltika" Baltika Beverages Holding (BBH). So in spring, 2005 it became known that "Baltika" could lose the control over the basic lobbyist structure of branch — the Union of brewers of Russia — in connection with that the ex-president of "Baltika" and the chairman of the council of union Taimuraz Bolloev suggested to make vice-president of Heineken Victor Pyatko as the successor on this post. Thus BBH insisted on a nominee of the acting president of "Baltika" Anton Artemyev.

It was noticed that change of a management of the union could affect forces alignment in the brewing market of Russia. Before that all executive powers of the union had been focused on service of BBH structures, and decision of their lobbyist issues. In informal conversations the union was even called as “press-service of “Baltika”. With election of a new management of the union the situation could be changed radically.
Newspaper "Commersant" № 38 (3122), 3/4/2005


Soon Bolloev was elected as the chairman of board of directors of Clothes Factory of St.-Petersburg (FOSP) that by that moment was the owner of a controlling interest of Joint-Stock Company.
Newspaper "Commersant" № 57 (3141), 4/1/2005


In the summer of 2005 the conflict between Bolloev and his former employers went into open phase. Further journalists named happening as corporate blackmail. Bolloev was in the conflict center again.

"Baltika" held a meeting of shareholders where the repayment issue of brewing company "Pikra" from BBH was taken out. OAO "Pikra" is the largest in Eastern Siberia manufacturer of beer, soft drinks and mineral water. Trade marks: "Old friend", "Merchant" and "Legend". 70 % of stocks belong to BBH, about 15 % — to "Baltika". In 2004 the company's sales volume was about 1 billion rubles.

A number of minority shareholders represented by ex-head of "Baltika" Taimuraz Bolloev voted against. It would seem the necessary decision was reached. Nevertheless minoritary representatives went to law with the requirement to dispute voting results. They did not accept that company Hartwall Capital which is close to BBH took part in meeting as minority shareholder.

Under the law "On joint-stock companies" the majority shareholder which is BBH cannot take part in voting by an issue of acquisition of shares of "Pikra". Therefore minority votes had crucial importance. Mr. Bolloev at that moment had less than 1% of shares of "Baltika", therefore he decided to ask publicly the other minoritary shareholders to support him. As it comes from the letter it is not clear to minority shareholders from what sources shares of "Pikra" would be paid: from own means of "Baltika" or at the investors’ expense? Concrete claims are shown to the company "Incorporated financial group" involved with brewing holding for an estimation of "Pikra". IFG estimated 70 % of shares of "Pikra" which "Baltika" should redeem, in $67.5 million. Thus all enterprise is estimated almost in $100 million. Authors of the letter consider it overestimated: "Our clients are disturbed — whether shareholders of BBH are going to solve own financial problems at the expense of “Baltika” paid for the package of “Pikra” bought at the overestimated price? The scheme of purchase and sale of “Pikra” looks as if BBH puts this active from one pocket in another but $67.5 million thus pass from shareholders of “Baltika” to BBH".

Minoritary of "Baltika" became more active right after BBH officially declared that it intended to unite all Russian factories on the basis of "Baltika". Experts consider actions of unsatisfied minority shareholders as quite well coordinated. "Theoretically absolutely various companies which pursue absolutely various aims can stand for minoritary, — Albert Eganyan, operating partner of legal firm “Vegas-Leks” says. — However it is assured that they operate in coordination".

According to the informal data, the company "Alpha-Eco" became Mr. Bolloev’s associate in this opposition.

Eventually, Baltika Beverages Holding (BBH) presented the new plan of association of the actives on the basis of company "Baltika". Unlike the previous scheme on which the holding was to receive more than $1 billion as a result of consolidation of the Russian factories the new variant could cost $600 million to its basic affiliated company. That was the price to be paid to minority shareholders of BBH factories (among them — the ex-head of "Baltika" Taimuraz Bolloev) which had actually blocked association.
Newspaper "Commersant" № 8 (3339), 1/19/2006


In the beginning of July, 2005 the ex-head of brewing company "Baltika" Taimuraz Bolloev went before the public as the head of the supervisory board of the closed share investment fund in real estate (PIF) with the same name. Mr.Bolloev directly promised the state support to the future co-investors of the projects in tourist and social infrastructure where PIF intended to participate. The governor of St.Petersburg Valentina Matvienko immediately suggested constructing elite maternity hospital, and Valery Serdyukov — a mounting skiing resort on Karelian isthmus.

Operating company "Leader" which is an affiliated financial division of "Gazprom" - will be responsible for operative work of fund "Baltika". At the operating company, perhaps, for the first time in the Russian practice the supervisory board which competence includes the control over operation with fund money is created. Mr.Bolloev became its head. Beside him the supervisory board consisting of nine persons included the general director of holding "Severstal-groups" Alexey Mordashov, well-known Petersburg banker Yury Lvov, the Russian actor Mikhail Boyarsky and also the art director of the State academic Mariinsky Theater Valery Gergiev.
Newspaper "Commersant-SPb" № 121 (3205), 7/5/2005


In June, 2009 Taimuraz Bolloev obtained the post of the head of corporation “Olimpstroy”.
Newspaper "Commersant" № 101/P (4156), 6/8/2009


Later preferences of Bolloev on a new post became clear. Thus three out of seven sport complexes in Sochi which had initially been planned to be built for means of the federal budget, were decided to entrust to private investors. State corporation "Olimpstroy" carrief on negotiations with the Ural mountain-metallurgical company (UMMC) of Iskander Mahmudov for financing of small ice arena construction for 1,033 billion rubles.

"Gazprom", "Interros", "Bazel", "Alrosa", "Rusneft" and Open Society "Red glade", supervised by the vice-speaker of Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar territory Ahmed Bilalov already participate in Olympic construction.
Newspaper "Commersant" № 132 (4187), 7/23/2009


And in December, 2009 there were messages about personal interests of Bolloev satisfied for the account of the state money. The company "BTK Group" won the tender for manufacture of the uniform for "Aeroflot" airline. The contract estimated for $16 million provides uniform for 3.5-4 thousand employees of the avia operator. Firm colors have become dark blue (for man's and winter lady's wear) and "red tangerine" (a summer variant for stewardesses).

"BTK Group" (it received this name in December, 2007) is engaged in uniform manufacture under brand Trud, men's wear under brands FOSP and Onegin. Since 2005 the basic shareholder of the group is Taimuraz Bolloev, the ex-president of the brewing company "Baltika" and the head of state corporation "Olimpstroy". The industrial complex is located in Petersburg. Joint-Stock Company’s income in 2008 was 1,447 billion rubles.
Newspaper "Commersant" № 229 (4284), 12/8/2009