Officials fell into the mafia web of the "Mercator"
02.09.2020 20:27

More and more clouds are gathering over the company Mercator Holding, which receives tens of billions of rubles annually from the budgets of various regions. According to, this frankly mafia structure (its president, Stanislav Nikolaev, the "right arm" of the criminal "authority" of Semyon Mogilevich) was woven by real corruption networks, which included a large group of Russian officials. They organize auctions for "Mercator", which can be won only by the company of Mogilevich and his partners from the Solntsevo group. They "turn a blind eye" to the failure of Mercator to fulfill its obligations. They "do not see" that the company, bypassing sanctions against Western countries, signed by President Vladimir Putin, supplies European equipment under the guise of Russian. At the same time, we have excellent analogues in our country. "Mercator" is insolent to the point that he takes these officials out by airplanes to Switzerland for a pleasant pastime.

As a result, the FAS now "took over" for the company - its regional units almost every month reveal in the activity of "Mercator" violations, primarily in the victories of this structure at gostorg. According to our data, the special services are also showing interest in the mafia company, in the field of view of which the officials cooperating with Mercator were also included. has studied the investigations conducted by various departments in relation to the "Mercator", and introduces its readers to them.

Here, for example, an extract from the act of checking the prefecture NEAD of Moscow (No. 7-Z-2017/1 of 23.06.2017). "Verification of the performance of contract No. 19-RA / 16 dated February 10, 2016 for the repair of road-harvesting equipment equipment concluded with LLC" Mercator Holding "established the illegal acceptance and payment of works on the repair of equipment. The documents for the repair work of the equipment for sweeping-vacuum and road-cleaning machines (orders, order-orders and certificates of acceptance of works) are submitted to the inspection, while according to the traveling lists of the Institution the said equipment was in good order and operated on the line " .

That is, the metropolitan officials paid the Mercator just for the work that the company did not do at all.

Also at the disposal of there is a solution

in the case No. 18/44/99/33 of the FAS Russia's commission for control in the field of procurement, which considered a complaint against the actions of the Moscow City Motor Road Administration, the Moscow City Department for Competition Policy, the auction commission of the Moscow City Department for Competition Policy. It was about the state contractor for a 2 billion rubles contract for the supply of equipment that Mercator Holding won. FAS revealed that the GBU "Highways" and the city authorities incorrectly installed the technical characteristics of municipal equipment, which correspond to goods supplied exclusively by one company - Mercator Kaluga LLC (part of Mercator-Holding). Also, the auction commission illegally decided on the compliance of the application of LLC "Mercator Kaluga" with the requirements of the Law on the contract system and documentation on the Auction.

That is, the auction was turned by Moscow officials into a farce. They initially asked in the conditions of such machines, which were exclusively with the "Mercator". As to the second point, it is a violation of Resolution No. 656 (Russian counter-sentences) "On the establishment of a ban on the admission of certain types of mechanical engineering goods originating from foreign countries for the purpose of procurement for the provision of state and municipal needs." The FAS considered that Mercator Holding failed to prove that the equipment it supplied was of Russian origin. And to prove it is extremely difficult (we do not take into account the "skids" of suitcases with money).

"Mercator Holding" constantly boasts of the opening in Russia of some factories for the production of equipment. In reality, there are attached a couple of parts to the already ready-made equipment of the German-Swiss concern "BUCHER", and the name of the machines is changed to Russian ones. In reality, this is imported equipment and money for it goes to Europe.

Thus, Mercator, in circumvention of the sanctions signed by Vladimir Putin, delivers foreign products to Russia, and the officials close their eyes to this and provide the companies of Mogilevich and Nikolayev with victories at the competitions. The fact that this imported equipment was actually recorded in the above decision of the FAS, as well as in the decision of the OFAS of Crimea, which is at disposal of Allegedly, the Russian production of Mercator-Holding in reality is simply a renamed product BUCHER. In the following publications, will provide many more examples of proven cases of breach of the law by the Mercator itself and officials wishing to please this company. Now we will clearly show how Mercator makes these officials compliant at the grassroots level.

Here is an extract from the audit report by the Control and Accounting Chamber of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise Spetsdorremstroy (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky). The auditors revealed simply flagrant violations in the relations between MUP and Mercator Holding. But the most interesting, in the opinion of, is this part of the act: "According to the explanation of the deputy director of the enterprise G.M. Bayramov, the trip to Zurich of director S.Mechtin. and Grigoriev E.A. was dictated by the need to get acquainted with the assembly technology, the possibility of technical maintenance of the equipment by the personnel of the enterprise, with the characteristics of the operation of this equipment in the conditions of the city district, taking into account the volumes and the short period of bringing the lines in order after the winter period. The payment for the Moscow-Zurich-Moscow route was made by Mercator-Holding LLC at its own expense. As a result of the trip with the Mercator-Holding LLC - the official partner of the concern "Bucher-Guyer AG" - one of the leading European producers of sweeping-vacuum equipment, auger equipment and equipment for combined road machines, two contracts for the delivery of special equipment were concluded. For a given period of time, the technique proved to be reliable and effective, and with reliable maintenance, I did not give any failures. "

That is, "Mercator" took out a whole group of officials (so providing the company with state money) to Switzerland, so they supposedly looked at the process of assembling equipment. Recall that the technology itself is issued for the Russian. asks to pay attention to the surname from the act "Mechetin". In his posts, he provided "Mercator" with state contracts and, accordingly, budgetary money. All this led to the fact that a series of criminal cases had been opened against Mechetin. He lost his posts, but Stanislav Nikolayev and the "Solntsevo" do not abandon their "own". As a result, Sergei Mechetin was immediately employed ... in the Kamchatka branch of Mercator-Holding.

The list of officials who support Mercator is known. We give only a few names. This is the vice-mayor of Moscow, Petr Biryukov, the provincial governor of the Maritime Territory, Andrei Tarasenko, the head of the Moscow Motor Road Administration Alexander Oreshkin, and a number of other officials about whom will tell in the near future.

Recall that Stanislav Nikolayev is one of the figurants of the FBI report "Eurasian Organized Crime Organization Semyon Mogilevich." When he was born in the distant 1996, Stanislav Nikolayev did not sit in front of the television cameras. He is just together "authority" Semen Mogilevich (Don Simeon, is in search of Interpol) was in the epicenter of the mafia warrior and moved with the boss from country to country, escaping from special services. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the report the surname of Nikolayev in a prominent place-soon after his boss Don Simeon. Later, the information from the report (including about Nikolayev) was confirmed both by the central bureau of Interpol and the Interpol national bureaux of different countries, including Russia. Also, the founder of Mercator-Holding was at one time an authoritative businessman from Solntsevo district and a longtime friend of Mogilevich Sergey Mikhailov, better known as Mikhas.


To be continued

Timofey Grishin