“We are acting on the direct instructions of FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov”
23.04.2024 17:59

The VChK-OGPU telegram channel and Rucriminal.info continue a series of publications about which of the security forces and Kremlin oligarchs were behind the WEX (BTC-E) exchange, received billions from it and became the richest people, stole $450 million, etc. With names, unknown details. Today we will present two posts from the VChK-OGPU telegram channel, and then we will post a new portion of exclusive information from Rucriminal.info.

The time has come to name a number of former employees of the FSB of the Russian Federation who form the inner circle of the Kremlin oligarch Konstantin Malofeev and participated in the theft of $450 million from the WEX exchange (BTC-E). And when they wanted to come to Malofeev with a search (even there was a court decision), they helped him “get out of it” and turn the vector of operational work 180 degrees.

Константин Малофеев

According to the source of the Cheka-OGPU, in the period from 2019 to 2022, Malofeev plans to carry out an action of retaliation against the co-owner of WEX (BTC-E) Bilyuchenko (Ivanov), who previously gave incriminating testimony against Malofeev and active participants in the organized criminal group, namely the involvement to criminal liability based on fabricated materials and thus inducing the transfer of a significant amount of cryptocurrency that is still in Ivanov’s personal use.

At the beginning of 2020, one of the active participants in the OPS - Nemkin, currently a deputy of the State Duma, as well as a former FSB employee, part of the inner circle and acting on the instructions of Malofeev, is forming a power unit of physical support under the cover of Alfa-SB LLC. "

- Alfa-SB LLC is a structure created and actually managed by Nemkin. The founder of this organization until his death in 2019 was Nemkin’s close friend Levochkin (who was also a co-founder of Seraphim LLC together with Nemkin and Zhulanov).

Nemkin’s personal car, Mercedes G63 no. E001EE 93, was registered in the name of the same person, which after his death was re-registered in the name of his mother Nemkina Olga Vladimirovna.

Дмитрий Изотов

Currently, the founder and director of Alfa-SB LLC is a former employee of the FSB Directorate for the Republic of Mari El, Dmitry Izotov. Nemkin’s affiliation with Alfa-SB LLC is also confirmed by one IP address recorded in the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation when submitting tax reports for the specified legal entity, as well as the organizations Seraphim LLC, Motor Sharks JSC, Atom FUND ", FOUNDATION "Digital Valleys Platform" actually owned and managed by Nemkin. Some of the employees of Alfa-SB LLC were transferred from the AT-CONSULTING holding.

- AT-CONSULTING Holding (Philosophy of IT LLC, R.T. Solutions LLC, Tekhkonsur LLC, Tectus IT LLC, Orbita Uspecha LLC, etc.) after the raider takeover of Malofeev’s OPS structure from Shilova S.A., the holding came under the control of Zhulanov, an affiliate of him. These facts are widely covered in the media and are easily verified when inspecting the register of legal entities.

The main role in the formation of both the structure of the unit and the basis of the personnel is taken by former high-ranking FSB and FSO officer Maxim Volkov and former employee of the FSB Directorate “M” Ibraev Nikolay, previously recruited by Malofeev.

Максим Волков

- Volkov Maxim Sergeevich, born March 31, 1974. He was a former employee of the FSB Directorate for the Republic of Mari-El and a colleague of Ibraev and Dmitry Izotov, who later transferred to serve in the FSO of the Russian Federation and retired. After retiring in 2020, he was hired at Alfa-SB LLC, where he worked together with Ibraev, Izotov, Ekimovsky Evgeniy, Mozgunov Alexey and Ivanov’s future lawyer, Yulia Nazarova.

Юлия Назарова

After the theft of cryptocurrency from WEX investors by members of the OPS, Malofeev, with the aim of legalization in 2021, becomes the founder and general director of CA Solaris LLC with an authorized capital of 1 million rubles. Acquires two helipads in Sochi and 4 helicopters.

- Ibraev Nikolay Vasilievich born November 18, 1984 He was a former employee of the “M” department of the FSB Directorate for the Republic of Mari-El, a colleague of Volkov, Izotov and Ekimovsky, as well as a classmate of computer expert Alexey Mozgunov.

Николай Ибраев

After leaving the FSB, he was recruited and employed first in the AT-CONSULTING holding, and then in Alfa-SB LLC, where he worked together with colleagues Volkov, Izotov, Ekimovsky, friend Mozgunov and Nazarova (with whom he lived in the same village of Novotaryalovsky as a child ). Later, he was empowered to create his own structure, Digital Security LLC, which serves as the technical intelligence unit of Alfa-SB LLC.

The main purpose of Alfa-SB LLC is to provide physical cover and organize coordination of work with existing corrupt employees during episodes of criminal activity by members of an organized crime group.

When selecting (recruiting) candidates, preference is given to former employees of the operational units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, an active search is underway for former employees of the units of the FSB of Russia, special priority is given to employees Directorate "M" of the FSB. When analyzing the candidate’s personality, special attention is paid to the presence of stable existing connections with former colleagues who continue to serve in law enforcement units, in order to assess the possibility of establishing corrupt connections.

Recruitment of employees is carried out on a financial basis, the salary of an ordinary employee is about 200,000 – 250,000 rubles, for those from among the management team - about 700,000 – 1,000,000 rubles. A system of regular bonuses and incentives is being introduced.

The formation is financed from other projects of Malofeev’s OPS, including from assets seized as a result of criminal activity. A significant material and technical base is being formed, full technical support is present, including secure communications and special technical means.

A distinctive feature of working with personnel is strict discipline, the presence of internal subordination, managers directly report only to Malofeev. There is constant support for service and combat training, regular shooting and sports activities are carried out, some employees are forcibly involved in sporting events on an ongoing basis.

The structure of the formation is organized and brought into line according to the model of the existing law enforcement agencies of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the personal interests of Malofeev, there is a clear division into areas of activity.

Thus, under the cover of Digital Security LLC, the functioning of technical intelligence and support of technical measures was organized; a number of employees with special technical knowledge were transferred to this formation.

At the moment, the total number of members of this formation is more than 150 people from among former employees of law enforcement agencies, who are in full operational readiness and ready for immediate response, the vast majority of whom have stable corruption ties with current employees of the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor's Office and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

The organization of preparations for the implementation of the retaliation operation against Ivanov was carried out directly by Maxim Volkov, who used his extensive corruption connections to coordinate with representatives of the existing law enforcement agencies.

And now new information about the “history of WEX” from Rucriminal.info.

In addition to Ivanov, the operational development included the former head of the BSTM department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Satyukov, who previously led the development of Malofeev’s OPS, as well as Satyukov’s acquaintance - Dmitry Sokolov, who is an entrepreneur and owns a number of luxury real estate properties. In the case of Satyukov, the motive for the persecution was a feeling of revenge for participating in the investigation of criminal activities; in the case of Sokolov, the motive was the desire to take possession of real estate.

The main motive was Malofeev’s desire to take possession of a certain archive, which were copies of the original results of listening to his telephone conversations and monitoring messenger traffic, which, in his opinion, could remain at Satyukov’s disposal, and thus exclude the possibility of its publication. According to Malofeev, this archive contained extremely important transcripts of communications for him through communication channels with his corrupt connections, and the consequences of its publication pose a greater threat to him than criminal prosecution for the theft of funds from investors on the WEX exchange.

According to the source of Rucriminal.info, it was precisely the exclusion, decommissioning and even partial destruction of the originals of these key documents from the materials of the operational case that the efforts of the Deputy Chief of the BSTM of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Kozlov, were aimed at after the events of October 2020.

Malofeev’s fears were confirmed by his full awareness that during the period of technical control of his communication channels, he showed excessive freedom of communication, hoping for some kind of delusion regarding the inviolability of his person.

Procedural support was carried out by the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, represented by investigator Babushkin, who was under the full control of the participants of the organized criminal group, which is typical within the framework of the same criminal case in which Malofeev and active participants of the organized criminal group previously acted as the main suspects, but were subsequently removed from criminal liability .

There were no materials from the operational investigation, results of technical control, or search activities confirming the guilt of Satyukov and Sokolov. In connection with this, to justify the searches of them, reference materials were fabricated, according to which they were co-founders of the BTC-E and WEX exchanges, were involved in the theft of cryptocurrency from users of the WEX exchange, and were nominal owners of real estate in the interests of Ivanov. Naturally, these materials have not been confirmed over time.

During the period from February 24 to February 28, 2022, employees of the SD Ministry of Internal Affairs carried out more than 30 searches in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. The formal applicant was appointed as an active participant in the OPS Malofeeva and a nominal director WEX – Khavchenko.

More than 200 personnel were involved in the work on the statement of an active member of the organized crime group Khavchenko about causing him material damage, both from among the operational staff of the Central Office and the involved employees of territorial divisions.

The events were attended by employees of Alfa-SB LLC from among the former employees of the Directorate “M” and other divisions of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in particular Sergey Chudayev, Alexey Mozgunov and others, were officially involved as experts and specialists. They took part in searches, tried to gain access to computer equipment outside the protocol, copied the contents of storage media, and took part in the seizure of objects and documents.

Сергей Чудаев

- Chudaev Sergey Vladimirovich born 09/16/1984 Until 2019, he was an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Mordovia. In 2021, he was employed as a specialist at Digital Security LLC, created by Ibraev. At the time of the investigative actions in February 2022, he arrived by train together with existing employees in St. Petersburg, where he took part in searches of Sokolov as a specialist, actually confiscating and examining material evidence in the interests of Malofeev.

- Mozgunov Alexey Yurievich born 07/08/1984 Until 2019, he was an IT entrepreneur and a cross-fit sports trainer in Yoshkar-Ola. In 2019, I received an offer from a former classmate of Ibraev for employment at Alfa-SB LLC to work as an expert, where he worked together with Volkov, Izotov, Ibraev, Ekimovsky and Nazarova. In 2020, he went to work directly for Ibraev himself at Digital Security LLC.

Алексей Мозгунов

In 2022, he was involved as a specialist during searches of Ivanov and Satyukov, as well as in 2023, when transferring material evidence, including those seized with his direct participation, to the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

A separate task of Mozgunov was to search for official documentation and incriminating evidence regarding Malofeev during searches of Satyukov; Mozgunov directly influenced the list of equipment and other material evidence seized during searches

Another part of the Alfa-SB employees, in particular Ekimovsky and others, presented themselves as active FSB employees, took part in investigative actions along with real operatives and gave instructions to employees of the involved regional units. All this happened in the presence of real operational officers who took part in the searches.

- Ekimovsky Evgeny Valerievich born 02/26/1985 He was a former employee of the “M” department of the FSB Directorate for the Republic of Mari-El, a colleague of Volkov, Izotov and Ibraev.

Евгений Екимовский

After his dismissal, he was recruited and employed by the AT-CONSULTING holding, and then by Alfa-SB LLC, where he worked together with Volkov, Izotov, Ibraev, Mozgunov, and Nazarova. After Ibraev was given the authority to create his own structure, Digital Security LLC went to work for him.

At the time of the investigative actions in February 2022, he arrived by train together with current employees and specialist Chudayev in St. Petersburg, where he took part in searches of Sokolov, posing as an active FSB officer, actually exercising control and supervision on the part of Malofeev.

According to eyewitnesses, in the presence of lawyers and witnesses, employees of Alfa-SB LLC during searches repeatedly stated that they were acting on the direct orders of FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov and that they were now the “new six”, referring to example 6 of the FSB Internal Security Service . Monitoring the actions of the employees of Alfa-SB LLC and their coordination with employees of the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was carried out by Volkov and Ibraev. The latter, for the most effective coordination, was personally in the city of St. Petersburg, where he arrived together with existing employees.

As a result of the significant volume of operational investigative measures carried out, no objects or documents of evidentiary value for the criminal case were found, however, as security for a civil claim brought by an active member of the OPS Khavchenko in the framework of the criminal case, all discovered funds were seized and valuables. On the same basis, arrests were placed on the real estate and bank accounts of more than 25 people, namely relatives and acquaintances of Ivanov, as well as Satyukov and Sokolov.

The result of such large-scale events was the detention and complete blocking of Ivanov in the special block of the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center, as well as the securing of Khavchenko’s civil claim by seizing property, confiscating cash and valuables during searches. There were no other significant results in the area of operational-service activities.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued

Source: www.rucriminal.info