“If Udodov asks, it means he has a MV visa.” That is, Mishustina."
07.05.2024 18:07

Sources told how the businessman and former son-in-law of Mikhail Mishustin, Alexander Udodov, and at the same time the manager of all the “shady affairs” of the newly resigned prime minister and a contender for the place of prime minister in the new government, continues to actually manage the most profitable divisions of the Federal Tax Service, replenishing his and Mishustin’s treasury. Moreover, Udodov is so confident that Mishutin will remain prime minister that he has already made a list for whom Mishustin will have to find “higher” places.

Михаила Мишустин и Александр Удодов

The first thing that needs to be said about the personality of Alexander Udodov is that he is the main confidant in all shady affairs of Mikhail Mishustin. And while the latter headed the Federal Tax Service, Alexander Udodov’s main business was resolving tax issues from non-inclusion in inspection plans to regulating any GNP and determining the personnel prospects of various tax specialists. That is, Udodov appointed, for example, the heads of inspections in Moscow and the region, and they gave complete exclusivity and carte blanche to Alexander Udodov to resolve all issues in this inspection. The main income is on the “ground”, that is, at the inspection level. Inclusion or non-inclusion in plans, GNP and cameras, the KAO department for “traffic lights”. Almost all the heads of key inspections in Moscow and the region are his people. For example, if it was not his person who became the head of the inspection, then he would find contact with him through the leadership of the Moscow Department. Ivan Shulga supervises the control unit and not a single inspector head will refuse him. Or through the leadership of the Moscow region. Here is Andrey Savchenko, who also oversees the control unit of the Moscow Region Administration. The head of the Federal Migration Service for Moscow, Tatyana Tretyakova, and the head of the Federal Migration Service for the Moscow Region, Ekaterina Makarova, simply turn a blind eye to this and, of course, share in major issues. Moreover, Alexander Udodov and Ivan Shulga are neighbors in real estate in Spain.

Александр Иванов

Now Alexander Udodov is making every effort to promote Ivan Shulga up the personnel ladder - either to the Government or to the Federal Tax Service. In place of Maxim Chalikov, who previously headed the Control Directorate, or Deputy Head of the Federal Tax Service Dmitry Satin. Perhaps the entire Moscow City Council. According to a source from Rucriminal.info, if the head of a particular inspection is intractable, then Alexander Udodov uses the resource of Directorate “K” of the FSB under the leadership of Ivan Tkachev or Directorate “F” of the DEB under the leadership of Alexander Ivanov and creates problems (monkey) for this boss. Ivanov is a very close person to the head of the SEB of the FSB of the Russian Federation, Sergei Alpatov, and a partner of Roman Zolotov, who is the son of the head of the Russian Guard, Viktor Zolotov. Then, at the request of the intermediaries, he himself solves the problem and the boss becomes loyal. So, it happened with the head of the Federal Tax Service No. 4 of the city of Moscow, Olga Mineeva. Udodov set the security forces on her. Then her husband, the capital’s lawyer Vladimir Mineev, turned to him and Udodov resolved the issue with the security forces and the extension of her contract. In gratitude, Mineeva must do everything that Udodov says. And this is one of the key inspections of the Central Administrative District of Moscow. There are a lot of such examples throughout the entire structure of the Federal Tax Service. A major area of ​​Udodov’s business is interregional inspections for major taxpayers. The heads of interregional departments No. 3 (alcohol and tobacco enterprises) and No. 5 (metallurgical industry) generally bow at Udodov’s feet. However, like others. During these inspections, almost all companies are accompanied by Alexander Udodov. He leads them and fully services them, reducing payments to the budget for rent. The level of corruption is prohibitive. And all representatives of the FSB at different times, Styozhka, Pokrovsky, Tkachev, are aware of this.

Иван Ткачев

Stitch is even now in the leadership of the Government Apparatus. Big man. A friend of Udodov and a very big corrupt official. This direction is supervised by the Central Administration of the Federal Tax Service Yulia Shepeleva. Previously Arakelov. She does everything that Udodov says, because she remembers the fate of Arakelov, who was moved from Mishustin’s team in 2020 due to a conflict with Udodov. Satin supervises the control unit, just like Egorov himself (the head of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation), who previously supervised him, also does not refuse a single request from Udodov. Understanding that if Udodov asks, it means he has a MV visa. That is, Mishustina. Now Udodov is waiting for his senior partner Mishustin to be appointed prime minister and will begin “selling” the positions. However, he is already leading her. For example, everyone in the Federal Tax Service is already saying that Mishustin will remain, and Egorov will very likely replace Siluanov. Mishustin has really wanted this for a long time. Such rumors in the Federal Tax Service.

Timofey Grishin

Source: www.rucriminbal.info