How Granel evaded taxes
01.04.2024 18:26

There is a huge scandal in the Russian construction market - Ilshat Nigmatullin, the owner of a large developer in Moscow and the Moscow region, the Granel company, became involved in a criminal case for giving a large bribe to the tax authorities. For this, the builder favored by the authorities may face up to 15 years in prison. As well as, possibly, the Vice-Premier of the Republic of Bashkiria Andrei Nazarov (convicted for rape of a minor), who before his appointment to the post was the official co-owner of Granel and, having become an official, became unofficial. Details - at

Ильшат Нигматуллин sources note that the timing of the transfer of money is extremely interesting. Andrei Nazarov officially retired from Graneli only in 2020.

Ilshat Nigmatullin owns 99% of Granel Group of Companies LLC, registered in 2020, 1% of Granel Business LLC, which is owned by Granel Group of Companies LLC. That is, Ilshat Nigmatullin’s company was created after Andrei Nazarov left for the government of Radiy Khabirov, the governor of the Republic of Belarus. However, everything indicates that Nazarov left Ganeli purely formally.

Until 2022, the head of Granel Group LLC was Sergei Nyukhalov, who since 2023 has headed Astrum Real Estate Management Company LLC, owned by Development LLC. Its founders are sisters Larisa Nazarova and Svetlana Nigmatullina. They are the owners of more than 5 dozen companies operating in the real estate market with revenues of 1 billion rubles.

In 2022, the managing organization of LLC GC Granel became LLC Management Company Effective Investments, which in 2018 was owned by Larisa Nazarova and Svetlana Nigmatullina. They were replaced by Accent LLC with 1 employee on staff and founders with nominal values. From 2019 to 2022, Vladimir Polin was among the owners; his companies acted as contractors for Granel, through which money could be withdrawn.

The revenue of GC Granel LLC from 2020 to 2022 amounted to 0 rubles, profit appeared only in 2022, immediately increasing by 192,819%, which looks very strange. Polina's company Stroykompleks LLC received revenue of 11 billion rubles in 2022, another LLC Stroykonsaltgroup received 26 billion rubles.

Vladimir Polin was replaced as the head of LLC Management Company Effective Investments by Vladislav Gridnevsky, who until February owned LLC Management Company Astrum Prom, which is very reminiscent of the name of the company of Nazarova and Nigmatullina.

Former and current managers of LLC Management Company Effective Investments are aware of Ilshat Nigmatullin’s tax problems, since it is Gridnevsky’s company that manages many of Graneli’s structures. It has fifty “subsidiaries”, so the parent company’s zero revenue is puzzling. It is difficult to imagine how the Graneli structures worked, unless money was withdrawn from them for the purpose of tax evasion.

Facts indicate that GC Granel LLC can operate like a construction pyramid - implementing new projects at the expense of pledged assets. This is how the Urban Group company worked in the Moscow region, which as a result went bankrupt, leaving behind 20 thousand defrauded shareholders, a financial hole of 70 billion rubles and 3.5 million sq.m. unfinished. It is not surprising that the “commentators” of the scandal with Ilshat Nigmatullin are trying to “smear” both him and the Granel company itself.

Today, Ilshat Nigmatullin is the founder of 9 operating organizations, whose revenue in 2023 amounted to 87 million rubles, negative profit - 3.3 million rubles. Over the year, it fell by 2.8 billion rubles, which does not at all indicate successful business development. At Granel Comfort LLC, Nigmatullin’s business partner is Larisa Nazarova, so her husband Andrei Nazarov can only formally disown Granel.

LLC "GC "Granel" is registered with the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 10 for Moscow since 2020, LLC "UK "Effective Investments" with the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 2 for the Moscow Region since 2015. The first since 2018. headed by Alexander Shvetsov, second since 2017 by Oksana Tulupova. It is still unknown which of them and when could have taken a large bribe from Ilshat Nigmatullin. Many Graneli enterprises are also registered in Korolev, like Tulupova’s tax office.

It is suggested that the bribe was given in order to avoid bankruptcy of the Granel company or some of its structures. The case mentions the former vice-president of Granel, Dmitry Adushev, who owns Granelzhkh LLC. He was taken into custody in November 2023. In 2022, his company, with revenue of 2.7 billion rubles. received a loss of 1.9 million rubles, in 2021 with revenue of 2.2 billion rubles. the loss amounted to 62 million rubles. Such financial indicators of the Granelzhkh company may indicate an understatement of profits for the purpose of tax evasion. Perhaps Ilshat Nigmatullin decided to “intercede” for his subordinate before the tax authorities. Granelzhkh LLC is registered with the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the city of Balashikha, Moscow Region, in 2012, which has been headed by Svetlana Parfenova since 2020.

LLC GC "Granel" is in deep debt, that's why it's already under partial control state control. At any time, creditors may demand the money be returned, which Granel is unlikely to succeed, judging by its financial condition.

But Larisa Nazarova, Svetlana Nigmatullina and Vladimir Polin are doing well with business. Law enforcement officers have no complaints against them, although these particular persons may be the “wallets” of the Granel company into which money was withdrawn from it.


Alexey Ermakov