How Peter Biryukov supports the UK economy
02.09.2020 18:29

Favorite in the struggle for the post of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and members of his entourage are in touch with former Vice President of the oil company YUKOS Alexander Temerko. This was reported on Friday by Reuters news Agency. This information has made a lot of noise around the world. Let's try to support the topic. talk about how your business is great Britain support Sergei Sobyanin, his Deputy Pyotr Biryukov and owner of the company "Merkator holding" Stanislav Nikolaev, which the intelligence agencies know how to "right hand" of authority Semyon Mogilevich. To do this, the Moscow government buys billions of "Mercator" allegedly Russian equipment. In reality, for domestic issue equipment manufactured in the UK. But the capital authorities are turning a blind eye. Still, lead "Mercator" - the company close to Vice-the mayor Pyotr Biryukov. 

Every year, on the eve of winter and snowfall, Deputy head of the mayor of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov reports that more than 15,000 units of specialized municipal equipment are ready to take to the streets of the city. This information vigorously duplicate on the website and GBU “Highways”.

To fulfill these promises under the supervision of Peter Biryukov Moscow government buys billions of rubles harvesting equipment. Thus in documentation it is specified that all requirements of laws of the Russian Federation, including a ban on the admission of goods, services at implementation of purchases, and also restrictions and conditions of the admission according to the requirements established by article 14 of the Federal law No. 44-FZ”are observed. According to the specified article “ for the purpose of protection of bases of the constitutional system, ensuring defense of the country and safety of the state, protection of the internal market of the Russian Federation, development of national economy, support of the Russian commodity producers the regulatory legal acts of the Government of the Russian Federation establish the ban on the admission of the goods originating from foreign States, works, services respectively performed, rendered by foreign persons, and restrictions of the admission of the specified goods, works, services for the purposes of purchases”.

Formally, all the requirements are met, but the General trend of actions and decisions of mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Moscow officials controlled by him, first of all Peter Biryukov, is the consolidation of the monopoly of friendly enterprises through the transfer of most state orders to them and the destruction of small businesses. According to sources we are not even talking about competition, struggle for quality and professionalism, support of domestic producers. All tidbits of the budget are already distributed on "the". Since the creation of GBU "highways" most of the tenders for the supply of road and municipal vehicles under state contracts manages with great success to win the one and the same company, OOO "Merkator holding".

Between GBU “Avtodor” and Department of housing and communal services and improvement there are long-standing warm relations, probably therefore the cost of the purchased equipment usually exceeds two-three times the market price. Part of the purchased equipment, according to experts, never left the Parking lots, as in principle unsuitable for use in the urban environment.

But back to OOO “Merkator holding”. For several years now, this company remains the only supplier and invariable winner of all electronic auctions, which are held by the state Bank “Avtodor”, and all municipal equipment, which goes out on the streets of Moscow, is supplied by this Kaluga company. 

The company positions itself as a production enterprise "Mercator Kaluga" and a network of service centers. In fact, according to experts interviewed, LLC Mercator holding within state purchases carries out delivery of foreign equipment under the guise of the localized Russian (referring to ST1). According to the official version, the production of machines is carried out at the manufacturing plant of LLC "Mercator-Kaluga" in the city of Kaluga. In fact , it is only a localized Assembly site of Bucher Industries, as she writes in her report to shareholders ( Expansion in Russia Production capacity at the Bucher

Municipal plant in Kaluga was increased in the light of

the import restrictions imposed on Russia and the

weakness of the rouble. With the increased demands on

value creation within Russia, the CityCat 2020 compact

sweeper is now also being fully assembled and tested

in Kaluga. The assembly line was constructed according

to specifications used in western Europe.)


The plant in Kaluga is positioned as own production, joint with the Bucher company. At the same time, in the above report for the shareholders of Bucher, the plant in Kaluga is referred to as " Bucher Municipal plant in Kaluga”, that is, Bucher considers it its plant. The report includes the following phrase: With the increased demands on value creation within Russia, the CityCat 2020 compact sweeper is now also being fully assembled and tested in Kaluga. The assembly line was constructed according to specifications used in Western Europe. It follows that CityCat 2020 is only assembled and tested in Kaluga. Accordingly, the question of Metalworking or painting is not here. In the next sentence, the plant is generally called "Assembly line", and on the official website of Bucher , the plant in Kaluga is listed as a local production in Russia

Therefore, all that concerns the production of foreign cars, it is fictitious confirmed only by certificates CT1.

For example, the Bucher CityCat 2020 (the manufacturer Bucher, UK) was supplied as the VCR-2020 to the plant OOO "Merkator Kaluga".

The scheme of work is that LLC Mercator imports to the territory of the Russian Federation imported equipment in disassembled form through a network of "friendly" companies, as machine sets, then at the plant it is collected back. In fact, the factory in Kaluga "screwed wheels" and mounted equipment.

At the same time, no work related to Metalworking and painting, equipment that is supplied to tenders is not produced, which is required according to the decree of The Government of the Russian Federation of July 14, 2014 № 656 "On the establishment of a ban on the admission of certain types of engineering products originating from foreign countries for the purposes of procurement for state and municipal needs."

As suggested by the interlocutors in the end, it is the state budgetary institution of Moscow in violation of the law buys imported equipment supplied with forged certificates of expertise of origin of goods, which were removed ID label imported manufacturers.

However, this is only the beginning. Close friendship on a commercial basis between GBU”Highways” and LLC “Mercator holding” becomes very noticeable if you carefully study the site of public procurement. In the period from 2015 to 2017, Mercator holding LLC concluded 14 state contracts for the supply of specialized equipment, and the total amount of contracts concluded exceeds 6 billion rubles.

Take, for example, one of the last auctions won. In September last year GBU “highways” decided to purchase for city needs paver cost 407 905 000 rubles, marking it the Russian classification of production activities (ОКПД2) under number It is enough to look into the classifier to understand that under the mysterious figures are hidden “Machines for laying gravel on the road or similar surfaces, for watering and impregnating the surfaces of roads with bituminous materials.” But it doesn't matter.  The winners of the electronic auction were two companies that made the best offers: LLC "Mercator holding" (395 667 850,00 R) and LLC "Service of Special Equipment"(397 707 375,00 R). It would seem that everything is fair, the lowest cost is chosen. If... if not for the fact that one of the founders of LLC "Special Equipment Service" – Alexander Belogortsev, President of "Mercator". The other two founders are Stanislav Yurievich Nikolaev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mercator and Nikita Sidorov, senior Vice President. And this is more like a cartel.

No one was surprised by the cost of this special equipment? For 400 million you can buy at least a few cars, and GBU “Highways” was ready to pay this in this case, the astronomical sum for just one piece of equipment. But that's not all! In Annex No. 2 to the terms of Reference of this lot, indicated very different information about the product, according to this document, we are talking about the acquisition of a completely different special equipment, here appear, for example. machine sweeping vacuum with additional attachments, tractor complete with attachments and trailed equipment, snow loader, dump truck, grader, etc. In the delivery schedule, signed by the Deputy head of the SBU “Highways” N. A. Akchurina (Annex No. 3 to the TOR), also listed the above equipment, but not the paver declared in the object of purchase. 

And this is not the only case of inconsistency of the declared GBU “Avtodor” procurement of special equipment and acquired in fact.· The object of purchase specified in the electronic auction and the equipment delivered as a result do not coincide. Auction № 0173200001415000879 from 08.10.2015: in the object of purchase trucks. And the declared cost of one truck - 194.5 million rubles!


To be continued

Timofey Grishin