"Godfather" Stas Nikolaev crushed Primorye
02.09.2020 19:36

Reading a book or watching the film "The Godfather", people are immersed in the exciting world of the Mafia. It's interesting to watch how Don Vito Corleone, and then his son Don Michael Corleone start "from the bottom", expand the spheres of influence, legalize their business, conduct gang war, leaving many corpses. And then they juggle officials, senators and make them go to them to bow. But this is all a fictional story. According rucriminal.info, now the Russians have a unique opportunity to follow the online mode of the documentary series "The Godfather". In the main role - Don Stas Nikolaev. He, like the hero of the book of Mario Puzo, started from the bottom. He was a loyal assistant to Don Simeon (leader of the international crime syndicate Semyon Mogilevich), went through with him gang wars with corpses, raids of the FBI and Interpol. Sam Don Simeon too "overpowered" figure and legalize it difficult. But Don Stas Nikolaev it turned out to be quite possible. He became president of Mercator-Holding, which, suddenly, was extremely fond of officials. (It is interesting to them, as well as in the book, did they make proposals from which it is impossible to refuse, or did it play a financial factor?). First, the authorities of the Kaluga region, then Moscow, and recently Primorye, began to conclude contracts with "Mercator" for the supply of equipment for billions of rubles. Especially in this succeeded the governor of the Primorsky Territory Andrei Tarasenko.

If in the film "The Godfather" meetings of senators with mafiosi are held behind the scenes, in public they are afraid to "light up" with dubious figures. Then Tarasenko, on the contrary, meets publicly with Don Stas Nikolayev and information on this is posted on the website of the Primorsky Territory administration. In general, the site of the administration more and more resembles a branch of the Mercator. Only in July, he posted three messages, "glorifying" the company Stanislav Nikolaev. Mention of her even managed to shove in the message about the opening of the dealer center Daewoo (extremely dubious "gift" for the eminent Korean manufacturer). Certainly, the reason for this love should be dealt with by competent authorities.

If Tarasenko does not show shyness at her meetings, she appeared at Nikolayev. rucriminal.info was surprised to find that a fairly old FBI report "The Eurasian Organized Crime Organization of Seeds of Mogilevich" was "cleansed" by someone from the entire Internet space. When he was born in the distant 1996, Stanislav Nikolayev did not sit in front of the television cameras with the governors. He was together with Semen Mogilevich was in the epicenter of the mafia warrior and moved with the boss from country to country, escaping from special services. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the report the surname of Nikolayev in a prominent place-soon after his boss Don Simeon. Later, the information from the report (including about Nikolayev) was confirmed both by the central bureau of Interpol and the Interpol national bureaux of different countries, including Russia. Now, after 22 years, the report was erased from all the resources of the World Wide Web. rucriminal.info decided to fill this gap. To begin with, we will publish excerpts from his part dedicated to Stanislav Nikolaev. And then those parts where other interesting figures from Mogilevich's circle are mentioned, Then the entire report will be presented to the reader in the original. We hope that this document will draw attention to Andrei Tarasenko. This, if he, of course, does not know with whom he croaks and signs agreements. And, if he knows, he already has work for the siloviki.



Semen Yudkovich Mogilevich, aka Seva; Senya, Sergey Yurievich


Semyon Mogilevich is the leader of the Ukrainian criminal organization, based in Budapest, Hungary. He is a naturalized citizen of Israel, who emigrated from Ukraine in 1989. Mogilevich lived in Greece, Israel, Paris, France; Budapest, Hungary. He has not lived permanently in Budapest, Hungary, since 1990. In 1995 Mogilevich stayed in Hungary for two months, spending the rest of the year in Israel and Paris.

Semyon Mogilevich began his criminal career in the 1970s with the Lyubertsy Mafia grouping in Russia. His primary actions were petty crimes and forgery.

In the early 1980s, Semyon Mogilevich entered into an alliance with the Solntsevo criminal organization. At the same time, he participated in the organization of Jewish emigration from Russia. For exiles, there were restrictions on the export of assets from the country, Mogilevich helped circumvent these restrictions and earned a profit for his services. The Russian authorities reported that Mogilevich was convicted by the Kiev court in 1977 for illegal transactions.

In the late 1980s, Semyon Mogilevich moved to Poland, for about one year. In 1989 he married and moved to Hungary. After arriving in Budapest, Mogilevich bought a nightclub "Black and White" and several other entertainment centers that serve as centers for criminal activity.

In early 1991, Mogilevich bought a nightclub "Black and White" and a restaurant U Holubu in Prague, Czech Republic. Another asset acquired by Mogilevich was Arigon, Ltd., which was later transformed into Arbat International in Moscow, Russia. Arigon was registered in 1990 in Alderney, Channel Islands, United Kingdom.

Semyon Mogilevich changed his methods of work in 1992, referring to international investment and illegal financial speculation in Hungary. For these purposes, "YBM Magnex" was established in Bedapesht in 1992 with Chairman Anatoly Kulachenko. Other top managers included Igor Rybak, Alexander Alexandrov, Yakov Bogatin, Frank Grinwald and Sergey Maksimov.

In 1993, Semyon Mogilevich joined his business by investing his assets and assets of another investor. Through Arigon, he received a 90% interest in the company Army 701 million forints) with the assistance of Victor Naishuller. The Army CO-OP was then used to privatize the state-owned Digep plant. This deal allowed Mogilevich to become the direct owner of an enterprise of the Hungarian armed industry. Mogilevich also owns a furniture company in London, the United Kingdom and a casino in Moscow, Russia.

Arigon, ltd. participates in the sale of clothing in the CIS and oil and receives exclusive rights for insurance of tourists traveling in Ukraine. It is reported that Mogilevich also maintains relations with Ukrainian energy companies.

Semen Mogilevich is the key contact of Solntsevo

criminal Organization. Relations Mogilevich with Sergei Mikhailov and Viktor Averin, the leaders of the Solntsevo Organization, are built on fear, not subordination.

Mikhailov and Averin use Mogilevich for financial transactions.

Semyon Mogilevich travels to Vienna, Austria; Budapest, Hungary; Munich, Germany; Rome, Italy; and Athens, Greece. Mogilevich on travel changes names, including he uses the names Mogilevich, Mogiletin and the name of Semyon.

Mogilevich traveled to Los Angeles, California, no less than five times between May 1992 and November 1994, using temporary visas received in Tel Aviv, Israel. Mogilevich traveled to Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Miami, Florida; and back to Philadelphia between December 1, 1995 and December 7, 1995. Mogilevich visited New York in January 1996 to meet with a man who was identified as "Sasha Rezany", described as having extensive scars on his face that arose from knife cuts. "Sasha Rezany" may be identical to Alexander Rudavsky, a figure of Russian crime and an assistant to Mogilevich in Philadelphia ...




Vakhtang Shalvovich Ubiriya


Vakhtang Ubiriya is a high-ranking official in Ukraine.

Ubiriya and Semyon Mogilevich are known for 20 years and participated in extortion, fraud and

illegal currency transactions in Ukraine, including Kiev, Odessa, Donetsk. Ubiriya has preliminary charges of bribery in Ukraine. Ubiriya is the main contact for Arigon Ltd., when selling petroleum products from Russia to Ukraine. Ubiriya owns Vakhtadir in Kiev and is reportedly the CEO of Arigon, Ltd., also in Kiev.

Vakhtang Ubiriya traveled to the United States to carry out transactions with oil and gas, but the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) suspects that he visited the United States to see a longtime friend of Mogilevich Monya. Monya is described as a native of Kiev and the leader of the criminal clan in Brooklyn, New York, and is believed to be Mona Elson. (SEE LINKS FOR OTHER GROUPS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATIZATION AT ELSON).

Ubiriya also met with the famous mafia leader Alexander Vladimirovich Rudavsky, who is also Sasha Rezany, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

USIC reported that Vakhtang Ubiriya is deputy chief of fuel procurement for Ukrzaliznytsya. In March 1994, Ubiria was photographed at a fund-raising event for the Republican Party in Dalas, Texas.


Stanislav Nikolaev, also known as Stas



Stanislav Nikolaev - Vice President of Sales, YBM Magnex

He was also president of Arigon, Ltd. in Hungary.



Vladimir Aronovich Vulitsky


Vladimir Vulitsky was arrested several times in Ukraine for counterfeiting activities, including for the production of counterfeit currency of the United States.




 Vladimir Eremenko


Is the head of a subsidiary company

YBM Magnex in Kiev, Ukraine.


Igor Pluzhnikov


Igor Pluzhnikov is the head of Baltschug LLC, the 1st branch in Kiev, Ukraine, and the president of the Cooperation Fund of Ukraine.


Islam Karimov, aka Tatar


Islam Karimov is the director of Alliance Insurance, Kiev, Ukraine. He maintains close ties with Semen Mogilevich.


Eugenia V. Imas


The USIC reports that Eugene Imas is president of Alliance Credit Bank, Kiev, Ukraine. He is under investigation for his links with Mogilevich.

Semen Davidovich Jachimovich


According to USIC, Semyon Yakhimovich is a former cellmate of Semyon Mogilevich, who was serving a sentence for murder. Responsible for the activities of the Solomonsky group in Kiev, Ukraine.

Solomonskaya works at the Kiev railway station, monopolizing all the railway trade. His wife Margarita resides in Los Angeles, California, and maintains close ties with the Berkovichi brothers.


Valery Mikhailovich Silagadze


Valery Silagadze - "a thief in law", is in close contact with Semen Mogilevich and Vyacheslav Ivankov. According to reports, the National Security Council has information about the contacts of Sigaladze and criminal groups in Ukraine. Silagadze planned to go to Los Angeles, California, in December 1995, to meet with a lawyer. His contact person was a Ukrainian citizen named Vladimir Nikolaevich Kudla, Mogilevich's contact in Washington, DC.


To be continued