Bloody Crocus
22.03.2024 20:25

In Moscow, a terrorist attack was carried out in the Crocus City Hall concert hall. Dozens killed, hundreds wounded. Details of the events at and the VCHK-OGPU.

A concert of the group “Picnic” was supposed to take place in Crocus on this day; over 6 thousand tickets were sold. When people arrived at the hall, according to the video recorder, a Renault with a black roof stopped at the entrance (the car was sold by the owner a month before the terrorist attack), from which armed people began to jump out. They immediately opened fire on those who were at the entrance, at the detector frames, and at the access barriers. Then they burst inside and began shooting spectators in the hall.

Next we proceeded to the performance hall. Judging by the footage, one of the attackers may have had a flamethrower. The terrorists set fire to the hall in several places and then disappeared. Later, as the VCHK-OGPU reported, burnt camouflage was discovered under the stairs on the second floor. In the underground parking lot they found machine guns, bulletproof vests, and caps of the attackers. That is, they completely changed clothes and threw away all their weapons. According to the records, which turned out to be the VCHK-OGPU, after the terrorist attack the militants left at high speed.

However, until the very end, the special services suspected militants inside, so they forbade firefighters to start extinguishing the fire. Only when Crocus was almost completely engulfed in fire did three special forces groups enter the room one after another. Having not found the militants, the go-ahead was given to extinguish the fire.

Several eyewitnesses to the attack immediately stated to the VCHK-OGPU that the terrorists were “Asians and Caucasians” and spoke “not Russian.”

A source about the situation among Moscow and Moscow region police shortly after the terrorist attack: “There is a general gathering everywhere. Siren and Fortress, all departments are in full force. A lot of work is being done on the cameras along the Stream.”

The VCHK-OGPU published footage of how on the afternoon of March 22, shortly before the terrorist attack, special forces detained a large group of men near Crocus Expo. became aware of the details of the incident, which led to the mass detention of men near Crocus by special forces.

According to the source, the day before, at the boxing club of Grigory Drozd, a conflict occurred between Slavic athletes and athletes from the Caucasus (including from Dagestan and Ingushetia). The conflict escalated into a fight. The parties "scored" the arrow towards Crocus. The Slavs arrived there in full force, and instead of the Caucasians, a large number of special forces arrived, who put the athletes on the ground and detained them. On the same day they were given five days of arrest. What kind of Caucasians they were, that special forces came to the Crocus spit instead of them is unknown.

Timofey Grishin