The "Mercator" of Don Simeon and the provincial governor Andrei Tarasenko
02.09.2020 20:01

Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to personally verify the work of those regional leaders who are temporarily acting. In the coming months, the head of state will visit such regions. This was stated by presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. In the opinion of, the greatest attention of Vladimir Putin will be drawn to the person of the provisional governor of Primorsky Territory Andrei Tarasenko. The other day he announced that with him Primorye will work with the structures of the mafia. Just as believes, Tarasenko's public signing at the recent XXII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum should be regarded as an agreement with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mercator-Holding Stanislav Nikolayev. Nikolayev in all bases of international intelligence services, including the Russian NCB of Interpol, is listed as an active participant in the crime syndicate of "authority" Semyon Mogilevich (Don Simeon). And will document this fact.


A friend of Tarasenko and a friend of Mihas


Moreover, Mercator and Nikolaev never hid that they are closely connected with the Solntsevo OPG and its leader Sergey Mikhailov (Mikhas, a longtime business partner of Mogilevich).

Both of them directly told in 2010 in an interview with the newspaper Vedomosti: "Prior to 2003, Mikhailov owned 3.9% of Mercator, which supplies road and communal equipment, as well as cleaning equipment ....

According to the president and co-owner of Mercator Holding Stanislav Nikolaev, Mikhailov was very helpful to the company when it started its business. "The plant had a large debt, people had nothing to pay their salaries. I rendered substantial assistance. But I had too many other projects, and I eventually left this business, having received everything that was due to me, "Mikhailov confirms."

Only now the Russian special services, according to, have completely different information. Mogilevich and Mikhailov are the main private owners of the Mercator, and Nikolayev is only their representative.

In the 2000s, Interpol, including its Russian bureau, prepared a huge investigation of the "Millennium" dedicated to the Solntsevo OPG and in it the subchapter is dedicated to Nikolaev. A separate investigation into Mogilevich was conducted by the US FBI. As a result of the work, Don Simeon was put on the international wanted list. The name of Nikolayev in the investigation of the FBI certainly appears next to the name of Mogilevich. (Photo 1).


Top-ten accomplices of Don Simeon



Part of his work was transferred to the FBI in Ukraine, as it was about the natives of this country (the same Nikolaev was born in Donetsk). Here is an excerpt from the FBI materials that "left" for Kiev.

"The FBI identified at least 10 important associates of S.Mogilevich and related companies active in Ukraine: Sergey Maksimov (Vabank), Igor Tkachenko (nicknamed" Skull ", leader of the Kiev organized criminal community, which is included in the the so-called "golden seven" of Kiev criminal leaders), Vakhtang Uberiya (Vakhdatyr, Vakhtadyr), Stanislav Nikolayev, Vladimir Eremenko (IBM Magnex Ink.), Igor Pluzhnikov (Baltschug LTD, Business Cooperation Fund Ukraine "), Iskander Kerimov (the nickname" Tatar ", the leader of the Evgeny Imas ("Alliance-Credit Bank"), Semen Yakhimovich (in 1977 he was convicted along with S. Mogilevich in one criminal case, today he is a representative of S.Mogilevich in Ukraine and heads a criminal group "controlling "Kiev railway station), Alexander Presman,

In preparing this report, the US FBI used information from various sources, in particular, obtained from law enforcement agencies, such as the Czech Internal Security Service, the Czech Federal Criminal Police, the Hungarian National Police, the Security Service of Ukraine.

(Photo 2)

As you can see, in the "top ten" of friends and partners of Mogilevich Stanislav Nikolaev. Below will publish an excerpt already from the Millennium Report on Solntsevo OPG, where one chapter is devoted to Mogilevich. (photo 3).

And again in a prominent place the surname of Stanislav Nikolaev. Now we see how the governor of the Maritime Territory, Andrei Tarasenko, publicly "dabbles" with Nikolayev and, signing the agreements, reveals to him and those who are behind the president of the Mercator, the way to the Primorsky region. Primorye meet the "Solntsevo". The Russian special services have such a large-scale deployment of the activities of the "Mercator" (frankly mafia structure) raises serious concerns. Especially the fact that companies give "green light" to individual officials. Therefore, we should not be surprised if during the president's inspection trip, inconvenient questions arise to Tarasenko. And getting rid of the prefix of the crypt will be decided against the question. Moreover, for most officials cooperating with Mercator in the regions, such relationships ended in criminal cases.



But will tell about this another time. While we publish excerpts from the report "Millennium", which tells about Nikolayev (deleted personal data).



Stanislav Nikolayev, aka Stanislav Nikolaidis


Mogilevich enterprises in the following countries *:


* Note: unfortunately, this data is obsolete and incomplete. It was very difficult to obtain fresh data on Mogilevich enterprises in various countries. This is due to the confidentiality of investigations conducted against him or lack of information.


Cayman islands:


¨ United Trade Limited is located on Grand Cayman Island. The President is Igor Lvovich FISHERMAN, born on June 30, 19 ... .. g. 394




¨ ABSI Securities Ltd. is located at: Nicosia, ul. Riedenis 4, 2nd Floor.395


¨M Finance Company Company "396


Czech Republic:


¨ In the Czech Republic, in Prague, the complex "V Golubu" was bought through the company "Aroteks", established in 1991 and closed in 1992. The complex included a night club "Black and White", "Casino 21" and a Japanese restaurant "Sakura" .397 The club "Black and White" was acquired through the intermediation of the company "Kish and Kaiser" in 1991. 398


¨ May 22, 1992 Alexey ALEXANDROV and Konstantin KARAT founded the company "Arigon CS". The head of the company was KATRICH. The company "Arigon CS" was located at: Prague, ul. Tefnikova 5, 79. The company "Arigon ltd" provided 30% of the fixed capital. The company was led by ALEXANDROV, who moved between Prague, Budapest and Moscow. Other

partners were Leonid KHAIS, born on December 21, 194 ..., and Mikhail VESSERMEN, born December 4, 194 ... g. 399


After the deportation of Mogilevich's assistants (ALEXANDROV, KATRICH, HAYS and others), the activities of Arigon CS and other companies in the Golub complex and employees for money laundering in the interests of the British company Arigon ltd were paralyzed.400


¨ MOGILEVICH also controlled the companies Asma-Fia and Leman in the Czech Republic.401




¨ Controlled by Solntsevo grouping company "File" established the company "Orby". In 1994, Mogilevich acquired a 20% stake in Orby, Georgia Airways Air Co., located in Tbilisi at 380019 Tbilisi Blvd. Tsereteli 117. At that time David SANIKIDZE was the president of this company. (Interpol General Secretariat / Meeting of the Swiss Working Group 18-19 / 06/02)




¨ The company "Arigon Oil Kft." Was founded in Budapest. Its president was Stanislav NIKOLAEV (1). The owner was Galina GRIGORIEVA, the former wife of Mogilevich. The partners were Alexey ALEXANDROV and Anatoly KULACHENKO. This company was closed in 1996 and replaced by the company "United Trade" in Budapest.


(1) Stanislav Grigorievich NIKOLAEV was born on 19 ... 195 ... in the Ukraine. In Zurich, he presented a Greek passport in the name of Stanislav NIKOLAIDIS. (Interpol General Secretariat / Meeting of the Swiss Working Group 18-19 / 06/02)


In the course of the privatization carried out in Hungary, Mogilevich acquired the arms factories Magnex and Armi-Koop.


¨ Armi-Koop, a limited liability company, owns 95% of Arigon,


Mogilevich and Igor Fisherman.402 Sergei Vladimirovich MAKSIMOV, who also serves on the board of directors of Magnex and Baltschug, is head of Armi-Koop. 403 In 1993, Armee-Koop acquired the company Digipe (90% shares).


¨ According to the data of the Moscow NC, Magnex is located at: Hungary, Budapest 1068, ul. Benchur 44, and according to the Budapest Central Bank - at: Budapest, ul. Ferenc Rakoci 289295. A Russian citizen Alexander Grigorievich SAVCHENKO, born in 1959, is its manager, and Valery SUTORMIN is the vice-president.404 Igor FISHERMAN was chairman of the board of directors.405


Earlier, the company "Magnex RT" was called "Kish and Kaiser Clan." This Hungarian trading company with limited liability, whose commercial director is Mogilevich, changed its name in 1991.406


In 1991, this company was acquired by Arigon. The Budapest Tax and Financial Control Service is investigating the Magnex company .407


¨ At the same address as "Magnex RT" - Hungary, Budapest, ul. Ferenc Rakoci 289295 - the company "Imbol Duna" is registered. According to some information, the head of the company "Imbol Duna" was Mogilevich.408


¨ In 1993, Mogilevich bought a nightclub "..." 409, in Budapest, he also owned the Budapest nightclub "Black and White", which obviously was at the same time the center of prostitution.410 In Budapest, Casino 21 was also built, .411


Mogilevich probably controlled:


¨ Ilf Consulting is a trading company with limited liability, commercial director Igor FISHERMAN, who since June 1995


to August 1998 was also the commercial director of the company "3S and F Capital Investment 412


¨ According to some sources Mogilevich was also the director of the company "Solid Ltd" .413




¨ Mogilevich had a trade and investment company, T.K.R. ltd, or KTR, registered on June 9, 1991414 This company, owned by KATRICH, TYUTYUN and FAAGELSON, was probably a dummy.415


¨ Arigon "in Tel Aviv no longer exists.




¨ Arbat International in Moscow was established by Mogilevich.416 This company was headed by Anatoly KULACENKO and Alexey ALEXANDROV.


¨ Moscow company "Ritual Services" was founded by Mogilevich.417 This company was completely controlled by the Solntsevo group.418


¨ Arigon. "


¨ Night club "White and Black"


United Kingdom:


¨ On May 24, 1989, Mogilevich established the company Arigon Co. Ltd. in Great Britain and joined the board of directors.419


¨ On May 24, 1990, Mogilevich founded Arigon Ltd., at the address: United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Alderney, Saint Anne Hauz, PO Box 77, and became the director of this company. Together with him acted ALEXANDROV, KULACHENKO and his second wife


Galina GRIGORYEVA, who in 1987 married the British lawyer Adrian CHERCHVALDA.420




¨ Arigon "in Kiev.


¨ Company "AVV", located at the address: Kiev, st. Yaroslaviv Val 19, was registered on February 26, 1996. The director of this joint company is Igor FISHERMAN.421




¨ MOGILEVICH founded the "Arco Globe International" in New York .422


¨ MOGILEVICH also founded the "FNJ Trade" in Los Angeles .423


¨ Arigon Trading Ltd. ".424


¨ SPS Technologies in Philadelphia, USA.425


¨YBM Magnex "in Newton, Pennsylvania, see above.


According to open sources, Mogilevich was delivering weapons to Chechnya and Afghanistan.426


To be continued