Moscow City Hall became "Solntsevskaya"
02.09.2020 19:47 publishes the fourth part of the investigation about the connections of the capital authorities and the mafia. Annually from the city budget billions of rubles go to the company "Mercator", which owns the "right hand" of the authority of Semen Mogilevich (Don Simeon), wanted by Interpol, Stanislav Nikolaev. The co-owner of this structure was Sergei Mikhailov (Mikhas). Nikolaev is a member of the government of Moscow and the GBU Avtodor.

In the first part of the investigation, told how Mogilevich and Nikolayev created dozens of firms in different countries through which hundreds of millions, if not billions of "dirty" dollars, were laundered. Among them, for example, were the companies "EM Consulting GmbH" and "British European Marketing Ltd". In the first firm, Nikolaev headed a representative office in the USSR, and in the second he was a president. "British European Marketing Ltd" "lit up" in the decision of the Pennsylvania court in the case "The United States against Mogilevich."

   In the second part of the investigation, described how international intelligence agencies, including the FBI, conducted a large-scale operation against the mafia empire of Don Simeon, after which Mogilevich and Nikolayev hastily returned to Russia. At the same time, Mogilevich was put on the wanted list by the Interpol line and for a long time was one of the ten most wanted criminals in the United States. In all the materials of the FBI and Interpol in relation to Mogilevich, the surname of Stanislav Nikolaev also appears.

In Russia, they did not remain idle, in particular, the company "Mercator" appeared, for some time the leader of the Solntsevo group Sergey Mikhaylov (Mikhas), a longtime partner of Mogilevich and Nikolaev, was one of the co-owners. Supervises this structure and its "face" is all the same Nikolaev. And in this, frankly mafia structure, the Moscow authorities, led by Sergei Sobyanin, pumped billions of rubles. Which is not surprising. With the "Mercator" is closely related deputy Sobyanin Peter Biryukov. There is a "Mercator" and another "guardian angel." This is the head of the Moscow City Administration "Roads" Alexander Oreshkin.

In the third part of the investigation, told how the metropolitan authorities, Nikolayev and Oreshkin are letting "the dust into the eyes" of the population and the federal center. During tenders and concluding government contracts, they issue Bucher's imported equipment for manufactured in Russia. At the same time they violate Article 14 of the Federal Law No. 44-FZ. Translated from the bureaucratic language into Russian, this article prohibits admission to tenders of products that are created abroad.

Here, compare the CityCat 2020 sweeper of the company Bucher and the allegedly compact compact sweeping vacuum VKM 2020. In reality, this is CityCat, which Mercator gives out for Russian products. And the Moscow authorities and Avtodor close their eyes to this.

At tenders on which billion contracts receive "Mercator" market criteria do not work. Take, for example, one of the auctions won by Mercator. GBU "Avtodor" decided to purchase for city needs an asphalt paver with a cost of about 408 million rubles, having designated it according to the All-Russian classifier of products under the number It's not even that some of the small clerks got confused in the documentation - in the real classifier, such figures are "machines for laying gravel on the road or similar surfaces, for watering and impregnating surface roads with bituminous materials."

According to the documents that are in the possession of, two companies have made the final of the electronic auction: Merkator Holding LLC (395,667,850.00 r) and Special Equipment Service Ltd. (397,707,375.00 r ). The "Mercator" won. It would seem that everything is fair, the lowest cost of production is chosen. If ... if it were not for the fact that one of the founders of the LLC "Service of Special Technique" - Alexander Vladimirovich Belogortsev, president of "Mercator". The other two founders are Stanislav Nikolaev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mercator and Nikita Evgenievich Sidorov, Senior Vice President. It's about direct cartel collusion and outright corruption. An imaginary competitor is needed to ensure that the tender is not simply canceled. Such schemes worked well in the 90's during the mortgage auctions, but it is not clear why now the inspection bodies are turning a blind eye to such facts?

Surprising and the purchase price of special equipment. According to experts, for 400 million it is possible to purchase several machines at once, and the "Roads" GBU was ready to pay this astronomical sum in this case in just one unit of equipment. But that's not all! In Appendix # 2 to the Terms of Reference for this lot, very different information about the goods is indicated, according to this document, we are talking about the acquisition of very different special equipment, for example, here. a sweeping and vacuum machine with additional attachments, a tractor complete with attached and trailed equipment, a snow loader, a dump truck, an motor grader, etc.In the delivery schedule, signed by the deputy head of the State Unitary Enterprise "Automobile Roads" NA Akchurina, the above-mentioned equipment is also listed, but not the asphalt paver declared in the purchase site.

It should be noted that Belogortsev is a typical zits-chairman. In reality, he, along with his father and other family members, owns a modest "Avtomatika" tour agency offering historical excursions. Of course, he gets "crumbs" from the billions of "Mercator". But Belogrtsev understands that such a side activity will not end well, sooner or later. Therefore, he also acquired Latvian citizenship.

And this is not the only case of inconsistencies in the purchases of special machinery and purchased by fact from the Avtodor state unitary enterprise declared by the government. • The object of purchase indicated in the electronic auction and the equipment delivered as a result do not coincide. Auction № 0173200001415000879 from 08.10.2015: in the object of purchase dump trucks. And the declared value of one dump truck is 194.5 million rubles!

To be continued