Patriarch Kirill betrayed the real owners of the enemy company of Novorossiysk
13.04.2024 18:55

The long-term battle of residents of the Eastern district of Novorossiysk for a 162-meter piece of the coast seems to have ended.

Fortunately for the residents, and to the grief of their opponents - “respected people of the Russian Federation”, who made a lot of effort to destroy this section of the shore of Tsemes Bay of the country’s main port, the arbitration court of the Krasnodar Territory declared the real estate right of Port Victoria LLC to a land plot with a cadastral number to be absent 23:47:0209046023/021/2019-2.

As the Cheka-OGPU and described in detail, thousands of residents of the Eastern District of the hero city of Novorossiysk sign petitions to the president, and in recent years they have been fighting in courts, of which more than a dozen have already passed. They are opposed by Port Victoria LLC. In violation of all possible Russian laws and regulations, the LLC announced its plans to build another port here with a capacity of up to 2.5 million tons of cargo per year. It was planned to have 2 berths, for grain and for metal, chemicals, sulfur... And all this joy is 30 meters from the low-rise and private residential buildings closest to the planned one.

The business partners of the governor’s friend Ivan Demchenko, a State Duma deputy and the steel king of the South of Russia, were vitally interested in pushing the project forward. The actual owners of Port Victoria LLC, Shalva Gibradze and Tadeusz Kobets, are Demchenko’s long-time metal partners.


In fact, this section - Volochaevsky Beach - remained almost the last piece of shore not built up with transshipment terminals in this part of the bay. The residents' struggle was not so much for the right to swim in warm sea water in the summer - it was in fact about the prospects for survival. The figures behind the young, well-groomed, amusing dolls - “officials” of “Port Victoria” (such as the general director of LLC Ruslan Lisovoy) planned to build a new terminal here for transshipment of bulk (grain) and general (pig iron, steel blooms, ingots and steel in rolls) cargo. The company intended to build a new port on 88 acres with a planned transshipment of 2.5 million tons of cargo per year.

How could such a port, in principle, be shoved into an area of less than a hectare? Where was it supposed to place additional hundreds of units of daily transport in a place where residential buildings from the early 50s are literally 30 meters from the shore? The plans did not correspond one percent to Russian urban planning and sanitary standards, but who among our “elites” is interested in such situations when we are talking about multi-billion dollar projects.

We have told more than once about this story, about who is actually behind these plans. Shadow interests in the creation of new port facilities are the owner of Novorossmetal, billionaire Shalva Gibradze and Tadeusz Kobets. Although they were officially identified as business owners only once, when Patriarch Kirill, who came to Novorossiysk for the opening of a new church, presented church awards to them, as the owners of Port Victoria LLC. The interest of the actual owner of the Abinsk Electrometallurgical Plant, State Duma deputy Ivan Demchenko, Gibradze’s business partner, was also more than transparently visible.

For many years, the townspeople have been trying to prove the fallacy of transferring this site from the federal property of Rosimushchestvo to private hands. Rosimushchestvo filed a lawsuit demanding that Port Victoria LLC's ownership of the land be declared absent. The plaintiff’s argument was that the Novorossiysk administration “exceeded its authority and disposed of federal land.”

And it seems that last year another court satisfied the demands of the federal department. According to this decision, the land ceased to belong to the company. But representatives of Port Victoria LLC filed a cassation appeal to the Supreme Court. The latter decided to send the case for a new trial to the Arbitration Court of the Krasnodar Territory.

The current decision of the Arbitration Court of the Krasnodar Territory will most likely put an end to this protracted litigation. After all, even despite the “newly discovered circumstances” that allowed the LLC’s lawyers to start the review process anew, the arbitration did not discover anything particularly new.

Yulia Litvinova, a lawyer and protest leader, spoke about the future prospects of opponents in the “war” for the beach:

— Port Victoria LLC has the right to appeal this decision. But we have already had one round of court hearings. To go for an appeal, you need some compelling reasons to appeal the decision. "Rosimushchestvo" won the trial with the support of the Prosecutor General's Office, the regional prosecutor's office, the Novorossiysk prosecutor's office, the transport prosecutor's office and residents. Residents of Novorossiysk were brought in as third parties whose rights were violated by the sale of the disputed land plot.

Yulia thanked the employees of the Cheka-OGPU for their support, saying that, among other things, our work in highlighting the above- and underwater “rocks” of this story ultimately helped to achieve justice long decision. We were glad to help. Although in this rare case for the Krasnodar region, when ordinary people win cases in which they are opposed by serious forces of business and government, the main merit is still due to the people of Novorossiysk themselves. For which we congratulate the forty thousand population of the Eastern region of the country’s main port, the hero city of Novorossiysk. According to the Cheka-OGPU, Shalva Gibradze was a participant in a corruption story associated with thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro)

As told, events developed as follows. When, after the massacre at the Elements restaurant, the Italian found himself behind bars, it immediately became known that Shakro would be grateful to the one who would pull his friend out from behind bars. And Kalashov’s gratitude is worth a lot. 10-15 top businessmen were ready to just give money (and a lot of it). However, they also needed someone who actually knew who to give them to in order for the necessary things to happen.

David Yakobashvili and David Mirzoev are not only friends with Shakro, but are his relatives. Gibradze is Yakobashvili’s partner in a number of projects and is also Shakro’s friend. They decided to work together to find ways to contact leading employees of the Investigative Committee who could influence the situation. Everyone was from the south of Russia and knew that the fixer from the Krasnodar Territory, Dmitry Smychkovsky, was extremely close to the Investigative Committee. But none of them knew him personally. And even a casual acquaintance was not enough. Smychkovsky would not discuss anything on such issues even with respected people.

We started looking for solutions and asked the fixer Andrei Matus about it. He knew that Smychkovsky’s closest friend at that time was the current head of the unit in the Krasnodar Territory (KK) of the Alpha group of the FSB of the Russian Federation, Alexander Pakholchenko. He is a close friend and godfather of the then head of the ICR Investigative Committee for KK Bugaenko and participated in many “topics”. At the same time, Pakholchenko provided such a service to businessmen, including authoritative ones, as providing security with the help of Alpha fighters. In 2018, he was fired from the FSB “due to loss of trust.” It was established that Pakholchenko was living beyond his means. In particular, to be called to duty on the “Gathering” signal, he indicated his place of residence as a luxurious mansion registered in his mother’s name. However, it was established that the real owner of the cottage is Pakholchenko himself.

Pakholchenko agreed to help in this delicate issue and discuss everything with Smychkovsky. The latter, under the guarantee of Pakholchenko and Matus, agreed to meet to discuss the topic with Mirzoev and Gibradze. The meeting took place in Moscow at the Tatler restaurant. At this meeting, it was decided that the fee for the service would be $1 million ($500 thousand from Mirzoev and Yakobashvili and $500 thousand from Gibradze). Mirzoev and Gibradze took on all the financial components, and Smychkovsky had to directly resolve technical issues with Shakro.

As a result, the money went away. The Italian was almost released, but a Russian FSB officer met him at the door of the pre-trial detention center. They soon detained a group of ICR employees, and then Shakro. Smychkovsky managed to leave Russia. The thread leading to the one who paid $1 million was broken.

Timofey Grishin