Putin's plan is not Zhitlov's plan!!!
30.06.2024 10:47

The country's leadership and the Government in these difficult times are trying in every possible way to support business and reduce unnecessary administrative pressure, but this does not apply to the tax authorities of the Tambov region. Many representatives of the Tambov business community have already changed their registration to other regions of the country, the rest are searching or waiting. Nonresident companies, on the contrary (Crafter Group and others), consider the region a quiet offshore, where you don’t have to pay taxes and you won’t get anything for it. What is this connected with?

Everything changed with the arrival of the new head of the tax department from the Krasnodar region - Alexey Zhitlov. He has repeatedly stated that he is not interested in Tambov, the people here are rotten and gloomy, he needs performance at any cost and an early appointment to a higher-ranking position.

First of all, he “purged” unwanted and principled employees who enjoyed the authority of the local tax service team, who had devoted decades to serving the state. Those who could not be forced to write a statement of their own free will left on their own, not wanting to participate in the corruption schemes of the new leadership. To replace them, exclusively people loyal to Zhitlov were selected and always with “southern registration”. It was useless to complain to Moscow; Zhitlov mentioned more than once that he had close relations with the leadership of the tax service and all attempts to “discredit” him would lead to nothing.

Next, Zhitlov and his team of temporary workers took on a local business, which they conditionally divided into loyal ones, those who could not be touched, and everyone else with whom the corrupt relationship did not work out.

 Tax audits began to be ordered en masse on flimsy grounds with multimillion-dollar claims. The businessman was offered (usually by fixers from the southern republics) to either voluntarily pay 10 times less and the same amount into the pocket of the tax authorities, or go and sue. Those who refused, the inspection materials were immediately sent to the investigative and law enforcement agencies with an even greater demand, then pay the entire amount of the debt or you will be imprisoned. The southern team did not take into account only one thing: the longer they are in Tambov, the more legal disputes will be considered not in their favor. At the same time, the money is in the budget, it must be returned with interest, i.e. direct budget losses (criminal offense), but is this important? So are business losses. It is more important to receive inflated bonuses and inflated indicators.

A separate story with VAT refunds. Tax officials have never sinned with illegal refunds, but according to the directives of the leadership, even legal refunds became prohibited - “No one will refund VAT anymore, we need indicators.” Company managers began to receive calls en masse demanding that they refuse compensation, with threats of initiating criminal cases on far-fetched grounds. For example. I didn’t like the deals with interdependent companies. Let me ask you a question: Are state corporations also denied compensation only on the basis of transactions with subsidiaries? Anyone who refuses will immediately receive police officers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs who report to the tax authorities. At the same time, the dispute has not been considered either by the tax office itself or by the courts.

As a result, the activities of many companies have been paralyzed, bankruptcy is threatening, and employees are being laid off en masse. Does the state really need this? Many of these companies help SVOs, nursing homes and boarding schools, but is this really of interest?

But the worst thing is that the tax service has dragged investigative and law enforcement agencies into this chaos, which are already busy investigating important cases; they are simply being manipulated.

Behind this, no one notices how businesses loyal to the tax service and the “temporary tax workers” themselves live.

The head of the tax service of the Tambov region travels about his business in a Nissan Patrol car, state registration number B 696 TM 193.

This car is always parked either at the regional tax office building or at the residential addresses of Zhitlov and his deputies. The car is driven directly by personal drivers.

Zhitlov's modesty does not allow him to register the vehicle in his personal name, so it is registered in his name - V.A. Golubeva, born in 1995, who is Zhitlov's fellow countryman and also a heavy truck driver. Zhitlov himself, receiving a multimillion-dollar salary as an executive, takes out a bank loan for a Niva!!! car, which he puts in the garage of the Tax Service Administration (using it for personal purposes) for long-term storage.

The strangeness of these circumstances is aggravated by the fact that the Nissan Patrol was transferred as a bribe to Zolotaya Niva LLC (TIN 6829007922), which acquired this car with pending enforcement proceedings.

 Even more strange is the invisibility of Zolotaya Niva LLC on the radars of the tax service. The company belongs to the well-known deputy in the region A.V. Gritsienko. and, like other visitors, uses the services of a tax offshore: VAT is refunded in full and on time, tax audits are not scheduled Xia. At the same time, there is obvious non-payment of taxes amounting to hundreds of millions of rubles - all of the company’s products are sold at reduced prices through its own retail chain “Znamenskoye Meat and Milk”, all stores belong to the Gritsienko family, but are formally registered to former employees of the enterprise, using a simplified taxation system.

The company also does not hesitate to sell part of its products and equipment for cash, using the same dummies. On the Avito platform alone you can count more than 700 similar advertisements.

The presence of at least one of these grounds would threaten any company with an immediate inspection, but not Zolotaya Niva LLC.

Of course, the price of a car is not commensurate with the use of an offshore, so its maintenance and fuel consumption are also part of the deal, which is easy to track on fuel cards. Perhaps the price includes accommodation for all temporary workers in rented apartments.

Imagine, employees happily leave their families in Krasnodar to work in Tambov, receive the same salary and pay extra for rent! The answer is simple - none of the landlords officially rent out apartments, and they don’t pay taxes, like there are many good people in our city, for example, the owners of apartments located at the following addresses:

- st. Boris Fedorova, 10/4, apt. 25;

- st. Internationalnaya, 69A, bldg. 3, apt. 63;

- st. Andreevskaya 86A, apt. 25.

In fact, temporary workers do not like to spend their money, they only need gifts, such as payment for a corporate party in the Caucasian Prisoner restaurant by the entire tax service team, or private gatherings in elite restaurants, or visits to fitness centers with VIP cards, for example on Sovetskaya Street.

On behalf of the entire business community of the Tambov region, we personally appeal to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation A.I. Bastyrkin, whose employees are unknowingly drawn by the tax authorities into their corruption schemes, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation - I.V. Krasnov. pay attention to the current situation in the region, do not trust fictitious reports from the field.

We know how you feel about conscientious entrepreneurs who, despite all the problems, find the strength and means to help SVO participants, orphanages and other social facilities, considering this their civic duty and responsibility. We ask only one thing - to let us work in peace, to stop endless checks that last for several years, and unnecessary litigation that takes up time and effort.

All you have to do is count how many tax bankruptcies there are in the region, how audit debts are growing, how long the courts are considering them, how many enterprises have left the region and for what reasons, and everything will become clear to you. Invite us, we will tell you everything.

In the following articles you will find out why the head of the tax service of the Tambov region does not like to work, where he spends his free working time, what gifts temporary workers like and who gives them to them, who else is on the list of untouchables.


Roman Trushkin

To be continued

Source: www.rucriminal.info