Ex-senator Arashukov, sentenced for life, is about to be released
11.06.2024 18:21

As Rucriminal.info has learned, former senator from Karachay-Cherkessia Rauf Arashukov, serving a life sentence, is trying by all means to be released.

The source said that Arashukov R.R. trying in every way to change his prison uniform to a more familiar suit. And this requires large funds. The Arashukov family has already put up for sale a mansion located in western Italy, in an elite area near the resort, worth 12 million euros. In addition, a 2-hectare plot of land located near a resort in the mountains of Italy was put up for sale. This property was purchased shortly before the arrest of Rauf Arashukov at the end of 2018 and the deal was very secret, which even close relatives did not know about, because the senator was taught an unpleasant story with UAE citizenship and for the second time in the Federation Council no one would forgive him and point out on the door.

According to the interlocutor of Rucriminal.info, Arashukov had previously applied to the Presidential Administration with a request to send him to war as a volunteer, and preliminary consent was given at the top, even despite the fact that there is an unspoken rule according to which life-sentenced prisoners are not accepted into the SVO. However, Arashukov was prevented from implementing his plans by unexpected changes in criminal legislation, from which it follows that with Article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which is on the ex-senator’s record, they will not be accepted for the SVO. Arashukov was not going to stop there, because after 5 years he was tired of the prison gruel and he really wants to celebrate his birthday, which will be on June 23, in one of his favorite restaurants in Moscow with his family. Many will wonder how he is now going to get out of prison, there is an answer to this question. According to the source, Arashukov involved his influential sworn brother Ramzan Kadyrov in solving this problem.

According to our information, Kadyrov forgave Arashukov, but not completely, and therefore asked the ex-senator to make his “monetary contribution to the SVO”, because in modern realities there can be “miracles from Kadyrov” and even Article 210 is not a hindrance if there is good funding, especially for the needs of a special military operation, but so far there are no concrete results, since even Kadyrov cannot yet resolve this issue, and besides him, Arashukov has no hope left for anyone else, because if the named brother fails to help, then the ex-senator is still very I'll have to spend a long time in prison.

Timofey Grishin

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Source: www.rucriminal.info