"Rechnoy" - an alternative decision-making center in Russia
16.06.2024 12:01

According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, in the corridors of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the 2nd department (oversees the country's banking sector) Directorate "K" of the SEB FSB of Russia have already begun to seriously discuss the issue of a real (and not just formal) inspection of the Slavia bank and the revocation of his license for numerous violations of Russian legislation, including for carrying out illegal financial transactions through affiliates, withdrawing funds abroad and using bank tools to implement criminal schemes. The roof in the form of the head of Directorate "K" General Ivan Tkachev and other high-ranking employees of the Russian FSB may no longer help the smuggler and tax fixer Asad Mehdiev. The question has reached a completely different level and is fueled by the negative information (and not only) background around the figure of Mehdiyev and the crimes committed by him and his group.

As Rucriminal.info found out, the key witnesses or accomplices in the criminal activities of Asad Mehdiev regarding issues of illegal financial transactions and other criminal schemes are the Chairman of the Board of Slavia Bank Tatyana Belyaeva, the former Chairman of the Board of Slavia Bank (later headed by Zhivago Bank) Alexey Rubezhny, members of the board of directors Mikhail Utyatsky and Alexander Ivashenkov, a relative and until 2021, Mehdiev’s “right hand” on all illegal issues, Anar Kazymov and other senior bank employees who, in terms of their functionality, replaced Kazymov after 2021.

In addition, the ex-chief of the 2nd department “K” of the FSB, Kirill Cherkalin, before his arrest in 2019, was a frequent guest of Assad Mehdiev at the bank and, with his call to the Central Bank, covered up all the problems of the shadow oligarch. Mehdiyev and Cherkalin were personally introduced by General Ivan Tkachev, who began to “protect” the smuggler with the personal blessing of FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov, who was called by Mehdiyev’s senior comrades from Azerbaijan and interceded for the latter. Currently, Mehdiev is under the full tutelage of the 2nd and 7th (supervised by the Federal Customs Service) Directorate “K” of the SEB of the FSB of Russia, and also assures his entourage of friendship, supported by finances, not only with Ivan Tkachev, but also with the head of the entire SEB, Sergei Alpatov and various high-ranking officers of the CSS of the FSB of Russia.

Many people know how much administrative weight in the current Russian government system the main “wallet” of Rostec head Sergei Chemezov, multi-dollar billionaire Albert Avdolyan, has. This person has the entire leadership of the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Investigative Committee and other law enforcement agencies on the call, and he himself is under the state protection of the FSB Internal Security Service. Many Moscow and not only entrepreneurs want to associate themselves with common business interests with Avdolyan’s structures and with him personally, but so that they are not later raided and put in prison, but let’s say in an amicable way and for the long term of joint earnings and “cutting” of the budget countries. One of these people, whose top managers, as well as himself personally, are trying to get into the good graces of Albert Avdolyan and the entire Rostec, is the famous Moscow smuggler and partner of the head of Directorate “K” of the SEB of the FSB of Russia, Ivan Tkachev, and the head of the Federal Tax Service, Daniil Egorov, the owner of " Slavia" bank Asad Mehdiev.

Avdolyan and Mehdiev are also connected by living in one of the most expensive cottage communities on the entire Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway. This is the Rechnoy village, which is located if you drive from Moscow immediately in front of the Barvikha Luxury Village complex of shopping and commercial areas. In fact, this village is one of the centers for making decisions that are subsequently implemented throughout the country. Here there is a mansion of the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation and ex-Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu, Director of the Russian Guard Viktor Zolotov, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Alexei Dyumin, Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov, oligarch David Yakobashvili and many other representatives of the Russian elite and luxurious life. Also in this village live the shadow oligarchy of Russia: Assad Mehdiev (responsible for smuggling and the Federal Tax Service), Albert Avdolyan (responsible for Rostec) and many other criminal businessmen. The said village was built on lands that were actually stolen from the state by Dmitry Yakubovsky, who is responsible in the Russian Federation for the law enforcement unit, the work of the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s Office in the direction desired by the owners of the country.

Серей Шойгу

Thus, if Assad Mehdiev and Albert Avdolyan lay down their administrative and financial resources, then one of the most powerful lobbying groups will be formed in Russia, ensuring embezzlement on a state scale and the work of the country’s real shadow economy under the roof of the FSB leadership.

As the Cheka-OGPU found out, the head of the Investigative Committee for the Central Administrative District of the Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the city of Moscow, Andrei Dobrodomov, and the prosecutor of the most politicized district of the capital, Boris Grigoriev, are already tired of receiving calls “from above” from the FSB, the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s Office regarding the war for the premises of the White House restaurant, which located near the Russian Government building on Glubok Lane. War hand Between the security forces and criminal cases, there have been ongoing conflicts between the country's main smuggler and the famous Moscow tax fixer - owner of Slavia Bank Asad Mehdiev, and one of his key enemies - Alan Gogichaev. No matter how hard Mehdiev tries to ask for help from the head of Directorate “K” of the SEB of the FSB of Russia, Ivan Tkachev, and also to transfer certificates and financial stimulants to the leadership of the Moscow Investigative Committee through proxies, “clouds” are still gathering over Mehdiev himself. Moreover, this issue regarding Mehdiyev was brought under his control by an operational employee of the 6th Internal Security Service of the FSB of Russia, Sergey Shirshov, who is a friend and long-time partner in various types of cases of another enemy of Mehdiyev and the closest person to the “Six” - Sergey Yakovlev.

Алексей Дюмин

At one time, Mehdiev, with the help of his former chairman of the board of Slavia Bank, Alexei Rubezhny (later headed Zhivago Bank), organized a large “scam” on the cash withdrawal market in Moscow. Among the victims was Yakovlev, who specializes in the logistics market and illegal financial transactions. And now, according to Yakovlev, the time has come to pay off the debts, since the debt has not been completely closed. Thus, today, the hands of the 6th Internal Security Service of the FSB will resolve not only the conflict between Mehdiev and Gogichaev, but also the friend of the Six, Yakovlev, with the same Mehdiev. The Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor's Office, in turn, as always, will only be ordinary signatories of the will of the FSB employees and some possible compromise of shady businessmen. If Ivan Ivanovich does not provide the necessary compromise for Mehdiev, then he plans to put pressure on FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov through the resource of his senior comrades from Azerbaijan. According to Mehdiev, Bortnikov will definitely not refuse them in the current political and international realities.

Timofey Grishin

Source: www.rucriminal.info