“Family Mafia” Kalimatov
06.06.2024 16:10

A few days ago, the head of the Republic of Ingushetia, Makhmud-Ali Kalimatov, told Putin about his successes in increasing the birth rate, as well as the growth of industry in the region. And at this time, his brother, Magomed Bashir Kalimatov, was also in Moscow, only within the walls of the capital’s pre-trial detention center for organizing a criminal community to steal more than half a billion budget money from the Pension Fund of the Republic. And this is only a drop in the ocean, since Mahmud-Ali Kalimatov during his reign built a clear scheme in which he put his relatives in their places and set a specific task - to squeeze everything out of the Republic as much as possible and give him the corresponding share.

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Alikhanov Magomet is the Head of the Medical and Social Expertise of the region, in which there are 7 bureaus and each pays him a monthly tribute of 4 million rubles. Alikhanov’s nephew, Dzeitov Magomed, the head of the TFOMS, even managed to collect tribute from patients, what can we say about the head doctors. Previously, Dzeitov worked in the bailiff service and was even prosecuted for cashing out, but the case was put on hold, but this did not stop Alikhanov from appointing him to a leadership position. Aliskhanov also oversees the entire social bloc, placing his relatives in key positions, including Evloev, who, while working in the BEP, simply openly robbed entrepreneurs, driving stolen cars from Makar Aushev. Alikhanov also made his nephews deputies of Parliament in order to ensure their immunity and also to lobby for his interests. In the fuel and energy sector, he also placed his relatives in key positions, who brought in monthly tribute in the amount of 4 million rubles, and he already shared them with Bashir.

Дзейтов Магомед

As for the nephew of the head of the Republic, Musa, he controls the entire construction sector. Moreover, if under Evkurov the size of the kickback was 10%, now they do not hesitate to tear from everyone 30 and above. Umar Archakov collects such tribute from builders for the head. He, without hesitation, gives instructions to the minister of construction under his control, by the way, also a relative of Bashir, to whom and how much money was allocated and how much, without hesitation, to appropriate. All these “relatives”, they give all the cream to their father-in-law, Mutaliev.

Bashir also acquired, through dummies, a garment factory in Ali-Yurt (Nazran), brought there 200 Korean citizens without proper registration, so as not to pay the taxes and fees required by law, after which they began to sew clothes for the North Military District. But this was not humanitarian aid, but was generously paid for through the budget of the Republic. As well as the acquisition from the same budget of the Elin school for 650 million rubles, with a maximum cost of 100 million. The difference, naturally, went into Bashir's pocket. But the sale to oligarch Gutseriev of a land plot with an amphitheater previously built there, in which more than 1 billion rubles were invested, was estimated by the treasury at a large discount of 200 million rubles, the difference you can already guess where it settled. Moreover, instead of an amphitheater there will be a fashionable hotel complex.

Another well-known character in the Republic is 1st Deputy Prime Minister Evloev, who conducts business so successfully that he owes everyone large sums of money and is forced to “work” for his creditors. Moreover, he does not disdain anything - he handed over his uncle, now the former chief bailiff Ozdoev, to law enforcement officers, just so as not to sit in the dock himself.

While people are openly making ends meet, these people are only lining their pockets with budget funds.

Archakov’s brother-in-law sits in a comfortable chair in parliament and creates the appearance that he is helping the common people, but in fact, he is only using the treasured “crust” for his own purposes. By the way, there are no adults and decent people left in Parliament, and it is filled with golden youth, whose goal is to line their own pockets and not to benefit the Republic.

I really want to hope that each such story will come to a long-awaited legal end, the authorities will catch Seinaroev and Batyzhev, who are on the international wanted list, whose children and wives continue to live happily ever after, and ordinary employees of the Pension Fund are in prison for their sins.

Here is another character Ilezov, a relative of Bashir. While still Minister of Transport under Yevkurov, he profited well from the MFC, stole 400 million rubles, for which he was prosecuted. Under Kalimatov, he again began to feel at ease in Moscow, having received the post of authorized representative from the Republic of Ingushetia, where he bought himself 3 luxury apartments. By the way, he is also the brother of the escaped Seinaroev, who openly robbed the Pension Fund and shared it with Evloev.

The Minister of Agriculture of the Republic Gagiev also drinks the blood of entrepreneurs, collecting 70% of the grants issued to them. How the latter manage to survive the remaining 30% is a mystery.

This is how Bashir Gagiev worked and gave the day to Bashir Kalimatov. This money will now be useful to him in prison; now he will have to sit for a long time.

Another person is Albakova. While working at the University It tortured everyone so much that teachers were forced to resign in batches. She brought and arranged for a friend from the KBR to stay with her and they began, without hiding, to collect tribute even from the students.

Before the Minister of Education had time to resign, Bashir-Musa’s son appointed his brother-in-law Tsoroev as minister.

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

To be continued

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