Millionaire investigators against the Investigative Committee
21.04.2024 18:00

As the telegram channel VChK-OGPU learned, one of the most experienced investigators of the ICR in the past, Colonel of Justice Vitaly Nikitchenko, who participated in the investigations of the YUKOS cases, the ex-head of the FSIN Alexander Reimer and other, mainly economic materials, did not move out of his official apartment after his dismissal from TFR at the end of 2022. His former employer filed a lawsuit against him demanding to vacate his living space; a court hearing is scheduled for May 21.

The case with Nikitchenko is far from the first, and, as judicial practice shows, ex-investigators in the courts manage to fight off the claims of the Investigative Committee. At the end of 2023, the court rejected the department’s similar claim against the former senior investigator for particularly important cases under the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, Major General of Justice Sergei Novikov. He is also known for his investigation of high-profile criminal cases, including the case of the former head of the GUEBiPK Denis Sugrobov.

The court in Moscow is considering another such claim by the Investigative Committee against the head of the department of “minor” industrial control, Colonel of Justice Vladimir Golub, who was dismissed under the article. A meeting on the material is scheduled for May 21. Golub himself, meanwhile, filed a lawsuit against the Housing Commission of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, hoping to obtain ownership of a service apartment in building 8 on Yagodnaya Street in Moscow. Allegedly, the officer, who actually owns a plot of land near Yalta with an unfinished cottage, needs housing. notes that there is no limit to the arrogance and perseverance of former employees of the Investigative Committee, who, having left the department for various reasons as far from poor people, refuse of their own free will to vacate their official housing! Yes, okay, no need to understate it. All these investigators were controlled by the head of the Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation, Ivan Tkachev, the current commander of the special forces of the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin. Therefore, these investigators left the Investigative Committee as millionaires, very rich people. And, for example, the same Sergei Novikov, immediately after his dismissal from the Investigative Committee, received a leadership position in the Security Council of Rosneft.

Earlier, the VChK-OGPU channel already talked about the decision of the Nagatinsky Court of Moscow in favor of the former odious ICR investigator Sergei Novikov, who voluntarily refused to vacate his office apartment, demanding compensation from the state for the purchase of housing, owning a comfortable tower in the Tver region. Two notable court hearings have been scheduled for May 21 in the same Nagatinsky court on the claims of the Investigative Committee demanding the release of official housing. The defendants are no less remarkable figures from the Investigative Committee - former head of the Investigations Department Vladimir Golub, who was fired from work under the article, and former senior investigator for particularly important cases Vitaly Nikitchenko. As it became known, Vladimir Golub, like his former colleague Sergei Novikov, will not be homeless with his family at the capital’s stations, having vacated his office apartment.

On the contrary, Colonel of Justice Golub plans to take ownership of a service apartment in building 8 on Yagodnaya Street in Moscow. The grounds are classic for such a claim - the department did not provide Golub with a subsidy to purchase the housing he needs. Apparently in need.

Because Golub actually owns a plot of land near Yalta with an unfinished cottage. The size of the plot is 10 acres. The price of one hundred square meters in this location ranges from 1 to 1.5 million rubles. The price of long-term construction located on the site is over 5 million. In total, according to the most conservative estimates, Golub owns real estate worth more than 15 million rubles. In this state of affairs, what kind of subsidy can one claim and what kind of housing can one demand from the state?

The colonel of justice made all these expensive acquisitions during the period of patronage in the falsification of criminal case No. 90764 to the investigator of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Moscow Region, Yuri Nosov, as a result of which an Israeli citizen, owner of the BKF bank and the Russian Product company, Olga Mirimskaya, illegally registered herself as the mother of her own granddaughter and took the girl away from her real parents. Criminal case No. 90764 was closed, all of its defendants were rehabilitated, Mirimskaya and Nosov were tried in the Izmailovsky court for corruption, Golub was fired by their Investigative Committee for absenteeism.

At the same time, in criminal case No. 11702450039000109, the investigation of which continues in the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, there is enough evidence to bring Golub to criminal liability for bribes from Mirimskaya through the mediation of now State Duma deputy from A Just Russia Yana Lantratova and abuse of office in complicity with Nosov. But instead of dealing with Golub in a criminal trial, for some reason the Investigative Committee prefers to fight off his fraudulent claim in a civil trial. Or is someone in the Investigative Committee again deceiving the chairman?

Denis Zhirnov