Fear and Loathing in Miami
01.07.2024 16:16

As soon as a publication appeared on the website Rucriminal.info and in the telegram channel of the VChK-OGPU about the appearance of the former first director of Rosspirtprom Sergei Zivenko, now living in sunny Miami, among the participants of the Kaluga Crystal, the ex-official immediately (the day after the article was published) submitted documents to MIFTS No. 46 on withdrawal from the membership. Zivenko will return from Russia, apparently, not only with love, but also with money - according to Russian law, when leaving the LLC's members, the founder is paid the actual value of his share in the authorized capital. The actual value of the share is equal to the value of net assets, calculated in proportion to the participant’s share in the authorized capital. Zivenko had a 40% share in the authorized capital, which means he will receive a corresponding payment from Kaluga Crystal. And how the “American Zivenko” will use the money that he will kindly be allowed to withdraw from Russia by the domestic intelligence services, with whom he continues to have great friendship, one can only guess. Also, one can only guess why the exit from Russian business is happening in such a hurry. Only because of our publications. Or, as the source of Rucriminal.info believes, at the same time Zivenko began to panic due to the bankruptcy of the Artel Traditions controlled by him and the testimony of their general director in an extremely interesting criminal case?

As Rucriminal.info previously reported, in April 2024, a new face appeared among the members of Kaluga Crystal Distillery LLC - namely, the well-forgotten Sergei Viktorovich Zivenko, once the first director of Rosspirtprom. It would seem an unexpected step for a person who has lived in sunny Miami for many years. But if you take a closer look, there is a strong feeling that this return will have far-reaching consequences. The fact is that this company is a twin of Kaluga Distillery Kristall LLC. KLVZ Crystal is a public company, well known in the alcohol market, which recently successfully completed an IPO. However, recently the sky over the Kaluga plant has become cloudy - during the bankruptcy process of the former owner of the enterprise, Mr. N.N. Konovalov, the financial manager cast doubt on the transactions of KLVZ Kristall LLC worth hundreds of millions of rubles. Moreover, the rights of the current owner, Pavel Pobedkin, to a successful enterprise are in question. The ownership scheme of the KLVZ Crystal group is also known, which was previously disclosed in preparation for the IPO. It involves the offshore NORKVESTROINVESTMENTS LTD and its subsidiary RSP-Real Estate. The name RSP-Nedvizhimost stands for Rosspirtprom-Nedvizhimost; before emigrating, Larisa Zivenko, the wife of Sergei Zivenko, worked for this company. This company was Zivenko’s bonus, which he took from the plundered Rosspirtprom along with the Kaluga plant and the Gzhelka trademark. As is clear from the decision of the Kaluga Region AS, the founder of RSP-Real Estate was the Swiss company Golden Spirits SA. Now this company is called INTESS SA, and it is the founder of Artel Traditions LLC, controlled by Zivenko, which is now also in bankruptcy.

It turns out that Zivenko owns and controls the real estate of Kaluga Crystal No. 1 through a network of offshore companies, and now he has personally become one of the founders of the company of its double, Kaluga Crystal No. 2. It turns out that while living in Miami, he continues to successfully interact with the Russian authorities and intelligence services.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued

Source: www.rucriminal.info