The “shadow governor” of two regions “rules” under arrest
16.05.2024 18:14

In the Lipetsk region they have repeatedly tried to rein in the deputies managing the housing and communal services industry, but so far nothing has come of it. Perhaps thanks to the steel “roof” in the person of the shadow governor Yevgeny Sviridov? Details at

In 2021, Lipetsk was shocked by a series of criminal cases against city council deputies. The most famous names are Sergei Tkachenko and Yuri Shklyarov. Locals also know them as the founders of several management companies. The scheme is not new - many small management companies are created in order to bankrupt one of them, but not to lose their houses, but to transfer them to another, their own.

Tkachenko received a two-year suspended sentence for causing property damage by breach of trust. The then head of United Management Company LLC did not transfer all the funds collected from the owners to resource supply organizations.

Shklyarov, according to the materials of the criminal case, as director of the State Management Company “Privokzalnaya” and Management Company “Sloboda” underpaid resource supply organizations by more than 13 million rubles, for which he received three years of probation with a probationary period of three years.

Илье Тузов

All these matters surprisingly coincided with Ilya Tuzov’s resignation as vice-governor, responsible for the most “profitable” industries - housing and communal services and road construction. The Lipetsk official went on the run, now he is officially in disgrace and at the same time on the international wanted list.

Afterwards, interesting details began to emerge. The former mayor of Lipetsk, Sergei Ivanov, said that Tuzov freely interpreted the procurement law for road construction; the Tambov contractor was always a priority. And where Tambov is, there is Evgeny Sviridov, a former FSB officer. He is considered the actual owner of Tambov Grid Company JSC. In the Tambov and Lipetsk regions, his companies control roads and housing and communal services - even while Sviridov moves from one court to another in cases of fraud and bribery.

Meanwhile, deputies with a trail of criminal prosecutions continue their journey to the housing and communal services sector. Tkachenko and Shklyarov are listed as the founders of the management companies “Microdistrict 26” and “Microdistrict 19”. The latter is “shared” with them by ex-deputy of the regional council and head of the housing and communal services department Yuri Kostin. In 2021, he avoided criminal prosecution, but attracted the attention of the prosecutor's office for combining positions in the regional council, and then in the civil service and in the Criminal Code. A check was carried out to assist the business interests of the partners, after which Kostin left his leadership position.

However, none of this triumvirate was actually punished - like Vice-Governor Tuzov, who, according to rumors, is now warming his bones on the Turkish coast. One would think that Evgeniy Sviridov is taking the rap for everyone, but knowledgeable people say: subordinates from different companies continue to go to him for operational meetings. True, no longer in a cozy office, but “behind bars,” where the shadow Tambov governor retains all the levers of influence on the half-strangled housing and communal services market.

As the telegram channel VChK-OGPU reported, former operative of the 3rd department of the SEB of the Federal Security Service of Russia for Moscow and the region, Evgeniy Sviridov, and a former employee of the 2nd Service, ex-deputy chief of the 4th Service, and then an employee of the APS FSB of the Russian Federation, Sergei Bespalov, are awaiting trial on charges in a major fraud against banker Ilya Kligman.

First, Andrei Fetisov, vice-president of the Rospolitika foundation and friend of Deputy Defense Minister Yunus-bek Evkurov, Bashir Kushtov, were arrested along the chain.

First, they handed over each other one by one, then - the former operative of the 3rd department of the SEB of the Federal Security Service of Russia for Moscow and the region, Evgeniy Sviridov. The latter, in turn, testified against FSB APS officer Sergei Bespalov.

Александр Никитин

Sources call the arrest of the latter an attack on the head of the M Directorate of the FSB, Vladimir Sergienko. Sviridov, whose father was also a security officer, is referred by sources to the team of the ex-governor of the Tambov region, now senator Alexander Nikitin. It is interesting that a couple of weeks after Sviridov’s arrest, his company Inkomnefteremont, with more than 2 billion rubles in income over the past year, was re-registered to Ilya Pshennov. The company has good government contracts - from Transneft, RusHydro, FGC-UES and others, and now the interests of the company (or its hidden beneficiaries) have moved to Chukotka, where it received a contract worth 10 billion rubles (by the way, the news about this was removed from the Interfax news feed) .

Roman Trushkin

To be continued