“The indignant Daduev received a bullet in the head”
04.06.2024 17:39

Ruriminal.info continues the criminal theme related to Marina Sechina’s Mezhregionsoyuzenergo and Tatyana Romanova, who was wounded in the center of Moscow. You can safely attract screenwriters who write for fashionable St. Petersburg series about bandits. In this case, too, there are all the “thieves in law”, huge amounts of money that the owners of the energy sales company sucked out of consumers, that is, from us, and enjoyed life like Arab sheikhs, and so that no one would bother them, they got rid of the “extra” using proven 90s methods.

For example, the division of business began between Osmanov, Shulgin and Avdolyan. Other business owners Sechin and Daduev were no longer needed. The shares of Sechina and Daduev, without their knowledge, were transferred to companies controlled by Osmanov. The indignant Daduev received a bullet in the head. They began to try to get rid of other “superfluous” ones, without really delving into the “big” person or the “small” one. Just in case, they cleaned it technically and for a long time.

It was at that moment when Romanova received a knife in the neck on Arbat, surrounded by the main owner of Mezhregionsoyuzenergo Osmanov, a certain Albert Avdolyan appeared, with whom they worked so fruitfully that a year later they married their children in Hollywood, throwing a luxurious wedding for 600 million rubles.

But let's return to division and merger. In September 2017, between Osmanov and Shulgin, on the one hand, and the company Stars Generis Ltd., controlled by Avdolyan, an agreement was concluded on the acquisition by the company of part of the Mezhregionsoyuzenergo holding, including a stake in the debtor, providing for a buyback option of up to 50% of the holding companies after 2019. Please note that Messrs. Osmanov and Shulgin retained the right to receive a share of the holding’s profits for another two years, and this despite dozens of criminal cases brought against Mezhregionsoyuzenergo. The money for electricity that consumers paid to Mezhregionsoyuzenergo energy sales disappeared without reaching Rosseti’s suppliers.

Criminal cases did not bother the owners of Mezhregionsoyuzenergo; money was deposited into their accounts regularly. It was only sad for Rosseti, Sechina (she was left without shares), Daduev was completely shot...

 Romanova was not finished off physically, they began to finish off morally because of the wild fear of being sent to the bunk for organizing a criminal community, and specifically because Romanova, being an employee of MRSEN from the very beginning of the creation of the holding, could talk about why, in fact, the holding was created . Osmanov and Avdolyan’s people demanded that Romanova testify against Sechina.

She refused. Through Avdolyan's controlled media, she was brutally persecuted.

Now she has completely refused to testify in the criminal case of Mezhregionsoyuzenergo. Avdolyan and his people know how to work with witnesses, and generally “work” for their own benefit.

In 2018, Avdolyan’s companies filed for bankruptcy of all sales outlets of Mezhregionsoyuzenergo, deciding to gain full control over the bankruptcy. But they were refused. Affiliated persons with Osmanov through marriage of children. Rosseti and other creditors received control over the bankruptcy. And then claims appeared against Avdolyan.

But he came up with a brilliant move. Offshore Sparkel City Invest LDT and Avdolyan wrote a statement and became victims of MRSEN in their own criminal case (case No. 11901450001000661). In bankruptcy cases of MRSEN companies, they bring decisions on recognition as victims and this helps to avoid subsidiary liability. And gives the right to compensation in the future for damages. Beautiful.

Further more. According to the parallel disassembly of Avdolyan-Romanov. He was so carried away by the destruction of Romanova, short-sightedly interfering with justice, that in the end, after another statement from Romanova about an attempt on her life, he became a possible suspect. After such an unplanned turn, Osmanov hastily abandons Avdolyan, trying to blame the entire criminal scheme on him.

Thus, Osmanov’s representative, during all bankruptcy trials of MRSEN sales, filed a petition for falsification of evidence in the form of forgery of Osmanov’s signature on the most key documents relating to the ownership and management of the holding of MRSEN companies.

Osmanov’s people, the chief accountant and financier of the holding company Mezhregionsoyuzenergo Sakhno and Nikodimova, explain in the courts and in the criminal case that the finances of MRSEN and Vologdaenergosbyt were controlled by Avdolyan and disposed of at his own discretion.

So, for example, in 2017, from the accounts of the Vologdaenergosbyt company, part of Mezhregionsoyuzenergo, they paid the Rusich company 15 million 600 thousand rubles per month for the security of the Kashirskie fontanelles sanatorium.


Yaroslav Mukhtarov

To be continued

Source: www.rucriminal.info