Vladimir Putin at a big press conference spoke out about relations with the UK. This happened when the Russian president answered the question that Boris Johnson was unflattering about the Russian president, calling him a "ruthless tyrant." "I know what the interests of my country are, whoever says anything about me - it does not matter in comparison with the fundamental tasks pursued by Russia," Putin said during a major press conference. It is worth noting that Boris Johnson is not a stranger to individual representatives of Russia. Such a person is businessman Ildar Uzbekovzzyat of coal oligarch Alexander Schukin, who is currently being tried on charges of a number of serious crimes. While Shchukin is being tried, his assets are controlled by just Uzbeks, who lives in London. And they collaborate with the largest English lobbyist Linton Crosby.

         According to Rucriminal.info sources, it would be strange for Boris Johnson to build his program on criticism of Russia and Putin and at the same time take money from Russian businessmen. Therefore, such a move was made. The English company Schukin and Uzbekov Coal Trading @ Utilities in the USA signs an agreement with CTF Global, an American division of Linton Crosby. However, in the USA, Shchukin, Uzbekov, their structure, generally have no interests. But they have a lot of problems in England, which Sir Linton Crosby can solve. The casket opens simply. As can be assumed, Shchukin and Uzbekov through CTF and Crosby finance British politicians. More precisely, they are paid for lobbying interests. After all, Crosby and his company simultaneously have service contracts with Johnson and a host of other British politicians.

Linton Crosby has a surprisingly close relationship with Boris Johnson.

Crosby CTF Partners, a lobbying firm, donated a large sum to Johnson's leadership.

We are talking about Sir Linton Crosby and his CTF company, which participated in more than one formation of large officials in the UK. The English company Schukin and Uzbekov “Coal Trading @ Utilities” in the USA has signed an agreement with the American division of Crosby - CTF Global. In April 2019, CTF officially registered with the U.S. Senate a statement that it would lobby the structure of Uzbekov and Schukin from now on. Then CTF became the lobbyist of Boris Johnson and others. In the USA, Shchukin, Uzbekov, their structure, in general, have no interests. But they have a lot of problems in England, which Sir Linton Crosby can solve. In London, an investigation was just beginning about the sources of origin of the Schukin and Uzbekov funds. And here, just in time for Shchukin-Uzbekov, they sign an agreement with CTF Global. At the same time, Crosby and his company have a service agreement with Johnson.

It is worth noting that from Russia, from where Ildar Uzbekov and Elena Shchukina (wife of the oligarch’s daughter-in-law Alexander Schukin) receive gigantic sums. There, father Alexander Schukin earns billions of dollars, and they are spent in England, where Elena and her husband Ildar live. Moreover, Alexander Schukin is accused of a number of serious financial and corruption crimes.

 To be continued

Denis Zhirnov