Land mafia of Mikhail Mishutin
13.05.2024 07:00 continues to publish our investigation about the wallet, confidant, and custodian of Mishustin’s assets, Alexander Udodov. He is engaged in replenishing his own treasury and the treasury of “big brother” Mishustin. introduces readers to how businessman Alexander Udodov, who manages all the “dark affairs” of Mikhail Mishustin, continues to actually manage the most profitable divisions of the Federal Tax Service.

According to the source, Mishustin and Udodov are in fact the largest landowners in Russia and, of course, in the Moscow region, including in the Odintsovo urban district and Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. The land fund they stole from the state in the 2000s is now the site of various construction projects of residential settlements and collateral assets in various banks. Here, as part of the implementation of various projects on stolen lands, friendship and partnership with the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov and acting. Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, who oversees the country’s construction complex, is an old friend of Mishustin. For this reason, personal friendship and common commercial projects, Mishustin invited Khusnullin to the federal government in January 2020. The basis for the fact that Mishustin and Udodov stole a colossal amount of land resources in the Moscow region was the fact that in the 00s Mishustin headed and after moving to RosSEZ continued to control the country's Rosnedvizhimost. That is, Roskadastr and Rosreestr. It was under the guise of cadastral reform in the country and so-called effective solutions that thefts occurred. Some land resources simply disappeared from cadastral maps, and many became private property through illegal means. Accomplices in these large-scale crimes, along with Mishustin and Udodov, were the former head of the registration chamber of the Moscow region, Pyotr Seleznev, who died more than 7 years ago (he lived on Rublevka in a luxurious mansion on a plot of about 1 hectare in Gorki-2, right next to the restaurant “Veterok”, beloved by many) ), Mishustin’s subordinate (later headed the Federal Tax Service for the Ryazan region and then he was fired) Vyacheslav Morozov and friend, neighbor in Mishustin’s mansions on Nikolina Gora (Rublyovka) and partner in theft of the land fund of the Moscow region Sergei Markov. All these thefts were carried out under the roof of the former governor of the Moscow Region Gromov, Sergei Naryshkin (Mishustin’s patron), the heads of municipalities in the Moscow region and, of course, the FSB. If we take the Odintsovo urban district, in the past the Odintsovo municipal district, then all this was done with the assistance of the former head Gladyshev and the current one, from the point of view of the implementation of projects and some approval procedures, Ivanov. The latter is a close friend and partner of Mishustin and Udodov, as well as a member of the family of Rublyovka owners Timur Klinovsky and Gavriil Yushvaev.

Regarding a number of these facts, statements and complaints from residents of the Moscow region were submitted to the Investigative Committee of the Moscow Region and the Prosecutor's Office, but most of the materials were rejected, and if criminal cases were initiated, it was only as an instrument of internal squabbles between their own people or as a means of putting pressure on outsiders. Subsequently, such cases were suspended and terminated. In the Moscow Region Investigative Committee, such high-ranking employees as Valery Ivarlak and Andrei Markov were responsible for this block, who fully carried out the commands of the 6th Internal Security Service of the FSB, headed at that time by Feoktistov and subsequently by Tkachev. But the latter did not act in the interests of the country, but worked entirely for the owners of Rublyovka and the $$$ billionaires, as a tool for the redistribution of property and the fight against undesirables. One of the reasons why General Sugrobov was imprisoned (in addition to the Khorev issue and other topics) is that he decided, through the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to get involved in the land affairs of the Moscow region. For this he was arrested. The command was carried out by Feoktistov, who today, although he does not work in the FSB, has enormous influence on both Tkachev and the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Krasnov.

Timofey Grishin