20.06.2024 17:55

The onion “cries” but grows

Heirs and accomplices of the night king of the Moscow region Lalakin

19.06.2024 18:47

Branch of the Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation abroad

How Freedom Finance and Timur Turlov withdraw money from officials under the protection of Lubyanka

19.06.2024 18:35

“Russian Towers” ​​by Evgeny Roitman

“Drop of the Rotenbergs”: From the Crimean Bridge to the “Bitmama case”

19.06.2024 18:27

Whoever “dances” the Kremlin AI gains considerable influence

How FSO employees and its “subsidiaries” were imprisoned for creating an AI that detects signs of corruption

16.06.2024 12:01

"Rechnoy" - an alternative decision-making center in Russia

Shoigu, Avdolyan, Vorobiev, Zolotov, Dyumin and smuggler Mehdiev

14.06.2024 10:53

Governor of the Penza region against Putin

Melnichenko mourns his “godfather” Turchak

13.06.2024 08:22

The Investigative Committee responded to our publications about the release of the leader of VIP pedophiles

A complete list of security officials who “excused” a pervert associated with the FSB

11.06.2024 18:21

Ex-senator Arashukov, sentenced for life, is about to be released

He wants to get it with the help of a mansion in Italy, Kadyrov and SVO

10.06.2024 17:04

His name was "Corruption"

“Vazagov is part of a powerful group of security officials and lobbyists”

09.06.2024 12:09

How the court and the FSB “roof” saved the leader of VIP pedophiles

“The “major” from the Directorate “M” Aguzarov was actively running through the authorities”

07.06.2024 18:49

Shadow oligarch Mehdiev: from thieves in law to FSB generals

The Fifth Service of the FSB of the Russian Federation will have a new head

06.06.2024 16:10

“Family Mafia” Kalimatov

In Ingushetia, they “saw” like relatives

05.06.2024 17:29

All the secrets of the Federal Tax Service

Relatives, the “sweet baker” and weaning in the interests of the “high-flying bird”

04.06.2024 17:39

“The indignant Daduev received a bullet in the head”

How does “philanthropist” Albert Avdolyan work?

03.06.2024 18:28

How banker Mirimskaya created a “club of murderers”

Is Chapter 2 of KSOYu Bondar an example of another bribe from a “bluebeard” in a skirt?

02.06.2024 10:47

The creation of artificial intelligence for the Kremlin ended in arrests

“The result of carrying out work under a government contract was the violent arrest of 6 people, including an officer of the Federal Security Service of Russia”

02.06.2024 10:42

Football "squabble"

Karpin: “Did he even think before doing this?”

30.05.2024 18:22

First Deputy Minister and his husband - Thai trans

“Starovoit is always ready to wallow in the “blue hole”, from which Kostyuk periodically pulls him out.”

30.05.2024 18:10

“He is always greeted by a motorcade of cars with special signals.”

How does the chief tax official, smuggling and cashing live?

29.05.2024 18:01

Brother “Postman” put an end to Mahmud-Ali Kalimatov

Under the patronage of the head of Ingushetia, Magomed-Bashir Kalimatov stole 5 billion rubles